The World Is Watching!

You Tube Commentary: “An indelible image of courage, one lone protester facing down a tank in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, June 1989. He would become known simply as ‘Tank Man’ or ‘The Unknown Rebel‘. The massive student protests were brutally put down on June 4th when the Chinese army attacked with tanks and trucks, firing indiscriminately at the unarmed protesters, killing and injuring thousands. The Unknown Rebel confronted the tank column next day as the army withdrew. Neither his identity nor his fate have ever been established, reported by some to have been executed, and by others to be still alive.”

2 responses to “The World Is Watching!

  1. one of the unforgettable moments in the human history of courage!


    • Yes, and many of those who demnstrate stand a good chance to have all kind of retribution coming to them, indirectly, especially if they get arrested. So even more so.


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