Elvis Presley Milk Cow Blues Boogie

Elvis Presley Milk Cow Blues Boogie

 Sometimes, more and more often, we are disappointed by the image above, that tells us the reason for which we will try to view whatever we wanted to view elsewhere. Imagine what will happen when things, all of a sudden will start to disappear, for no reason, not even copyright, but just because governments want it. HOw disappointing that would be, how harmful to our internet information. Imagine this:

And now for ‘Milk Cow Blues’ SLEEPY JOHN ESTES (1930) Blues Guitar Legend:

The Kinks – Milk Cow Blues 1965:
and about 40 years closer and 3 billions more homo sapiens specimens: Do you remember this one?

That was The Kinks – Apeman 1970

4 responses to “Imagine

  1. good that I have a CD by Sleepy John Estes!


    • But you have to admit: Gotha at Evis patrol-now I know how it feels, you see. 🙂 to be denied access, again, like when we were cildren and blamed for it.


    • You gotta admit: Some thinds never get old, others get…younger with age: Some minds are like that. I think we’re quite young…at mind. Thanks Frizztext. Weatherman calls for storm around here, but my bicycle is in the call of the road kind of mood: I don’t think I can resist it. Afterall I got my raincoat!


  2. “this video is blocked on copyright grounds”
    – yes, I very often have to read this in my country


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