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Huntington Beach Promenade in December

Huntington Beach Promenade in December

Huntington Beach Promenade in December

Sunset Beach-Huntington Beach ‘Noiseless Navigation’

Sunset Beach-Huntington Beach 'Noiseless Navigation'

Sunset Beach-Huntington Beach 'Noiseless Navigation'

Rodrigo Y Gabriela – One, Take 5



Photo Session # 2: Immortalizing The Shadow – ‘Say Cheese’

Photo Session # 2: Imortalizing the Shadow - 'Say Cheese'

Photo Session # 2: immortalizing the Shadow - 'Say Cheese'

Luka – Suzanne Vega (from Solitude Standing 1987)


Leonard Cohen with Jennifer Warnes – Silent Night


On December 15, 1979 in Brighton, England, Leonard Cohen and Jennifer Warnes performed Silent Night with Raffi Hakopian on the violin. More information about this performance and a download of the MP3 file used in this video can be found at 1HeckOfAGuy.com.

Leonard Cohen’s “Story of Isaac”: Spanish version by De Diego Serebrennik, de Argentina

Versión propia traducida al castellano de la canción Story of Isaac de Leonard Cohen. Own version in Spanish of Story of Isaac from Leonard Cohen. De Diego Serebrennik, de Argentina.

What is Tonsure



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Tonsure is the practice in some Christian churches and other religious orders of cutting some of the hair from the scalps of clerics. In the West, the tonsure consisted of a circular patch on the crown of the head that was kept bald. Different religious orders had different tonsures: some kept the entire head shaved above the ears; others retained a broad band of hair around the head. The Catholic Church abolished the practice in 1972. What modern religious organizations still practice tonsure? More… Discuss

Today’s Birthday: Daniel de Leon (1852)

Daniel De Leon (1852)

The first IWW charter in Canada, Vancouver Ind...

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Joseph J. Ettor, who had been arrested in 1912...

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A newspaper editor, De Leon joined the Socialist Labor Party in the US in 1890 and soon became one of its leaders. He led a radical faction that seceded from the Knights of Labor in 1895 and formed the Socialist Trade and Labor Alliance (STLA). The STLA was later absorbed by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), which he helped found in 1905. After being refused a seat at a 1908 IWW convention by extremists who favored violent tactics over political action, he founded what organization? More… Discuss