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Colinda: Praznic Luminos! (Corul Madrigal — dirijor: Marin Constantin)


Colinda: O, Ce Veste Minunata (Corul Madrigal — dirijor: Marin Constantin)


Craciun Fericit!

christmas 2007

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Marry Christmas!

Angela Gheorghiu – Tatal Nostru (Our Father)

In Numele Tatalui, si-al Fiului, si-al Duhului Sfant, Amin!


Tatăl nostru

Tatăl nostru, care ești în ceruri,
sfințească-se numele tău;
vie împărăția ta;
facă-se voia ta,
precum în cer, așa și pe pământ.
Pâinea noastră, cea de toate zilele,
dă-ne-o nouă astăzi;
și ne iartă nouă greșelile noastre,
precum și noi iertăm greșiților noștri;
și nu ne duce pe noi în ispită,
ci ne mântuiește de cel rău. Amin.

Mary Had A Baby- Moses Hogan Chorale

Mary Had A Baby – Moses Hogan Chorale

The Costs of War: Tens of Thousands Dead, Billions Spent, and a Country Torn Apart

The Costs of War_ Tens of Thousands Dead, Billions Spent, and a Country Torn Apart (form Democracy now)

The Costs of War_ Tens of Thousands Dead, Billions Spent, and a Country Torn Apart (form Democracy now) (click here and find out more)

Cost of War

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Over the past nine years, the U.S. invasion and occupation has left a bloody toll on Iraqi civilians and foreign troops. Nearly 4,500 U.S. troops died, and another 32,000 were wounded. An accurate toll of Iraqis killed may never be known. Iraq Body Count says at least 104,000 Iraqi civilians have died, while some studies put have put the death toll at over one million. We speak to Catherine Lutz, Brown University professor and co-director of the “Costs of War” research project at the Watson Institute for International Studies. “The costs have really been staggering,” Lutz says. “We know that Congress appropriated $800 billion over the years for the Iraq War. But the true costs, of course, go much farther than that, starting with the people of Iraq, who have lost lives in the hundreds of thousands.”  (Source: http://www.democracynow.org/2011/12/16/the_costs_of_war_tens_of)

Today’s Quotation: Sherwood Anderson (1876-1941)

Sherwood Anderson 

“The idea had got into his mind that he would some time die unexpectedly and always when he got into bed he thought of that…The effect in fact was quite a special thing and not easily explained. It made him more alive, there in bed, than at any other time.”

Sherwood Anderson (1876-1941) Discuss

Sherwood Anderson-Two references-two views-one WARNING

Sherwood Anderson-Two references-two views-one WARNING

This Day In History: Massachusetts Colonists Protest Tax with the Boston Tea Party (1773)

Massachusetts Colonists Protest Tax with the Boston Tea Party (1773)

This notice from the

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This British cartoon depicting the Intolerable...

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In 1773, American colonists led by Samuel Adams dressed as Native Americans and threw hundreds of chests of tea from three British ships into Boston Harbor. The action was taken to prevent the payment of a British tax on tea and to protest the British monopoly of the colonial tea trade authorized by the Tea Act. In retaliation, Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts, which further united the colonies against the British. What American founding father called for the cost of the tea to be repaid? More… Discuss

In those time there was an impracticable barrier between the tyrant and the oppressed (naturally, The Atlantic Ocean).  Are there any barriers today?

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Today’s Bithday: Ludwig van Beethoven (1770)

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770)

English: Ludwig van Beethoven statue, by Ernst...

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One of the greatest composers of Western classical music, Beethoven was born to a musical family and was a precociously gifted pianist and violist. After nine years as a court musician, he moved to Vienna to study with Joseph Haydn. There, he quickly won fame and renown as both a virtuoso and a composer. He went on to become the first major composer to be able to earn a living independently, without support from the church or court. Beethoven’s deafness resulted in what unique historical record? More… Discuss

Ashkenazy plays Beethoven Piano Sonata No.24, Op.78 (A Thérèse), one of the most beautiful compositions ever):

Ludwig van Beethoven Haus
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Beethoven's grave site, Vienna Zentralfriedhof

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It’s Hard to Say Goodbye: Michael Ortega

List on Images:

Angel 013 

Angel of Sorrow
Linda Saxon Nix

Lil’ Sad Clown
Aihibed Magaña

A love for the arts

Adoptive boy with separation
Laura Willard

Child of War life in death
Karim Kadim

Filipino casualties on the first day of war.jpg
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Sad Death

Sad and lonely


Sad Piano
Moon Sad

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Aria – Acker Bilk (This one’s for you – Let Friday be an Early Saturday!)