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Bishop George Packard leads Occupy Wall Street into Trinity Church’s empty lot

At the #D17 #Sanctuary action at Duarte Square on Canal Street in New York City on December 17, 2011, Episcopal Bishop George Packard leads the charge over the fence surrounding an empty lot owned by Trinity Wall Street, an Episcopal church.
Read the full article by Nathan Schneider: http://wagingnonviolence.org/?p=14370

Why Occupy calls for “Sanctuary” From Waging Nonviolence December 17 2011

Why Occupy calls for “Sanctuary” From Waging Nonviolence (click here, read more)

 Everybody Knows: Leonard Cohen

The future is carved into the past, so deep that it will stay there for ever…

… When this present becomes  history: How will our present day carving look like in the future? Do any of our present day “leaders” even care about such things as honor, God, Country(s), PEOPLE?

Colinda: Ziurel de Ziua (Corul Madrigal — dirijor: Marin Constantin)

Colinda: O, Ce Veste Minunata (Corul Madrigal — dirijor: Marin Constantin)

Colinda: Astazi S-a Nascut Hristos (Corul Madrigal — dirijor: Marin Constantin)

Colinda: Nunta din Cana Galileii (Corul Madrigal — dirijor: Marin Constantin)

Colinda: Din An in An! (Euterpe & Ison)

Craciun la Caransebes

Image by Coco_ro via Flickr

Din an in an sosesc mereu la geam cu Mos Ajun,
 E ger cumplit, e drumul greu  da-i obicei strabun.
 Azi cu stramosii cant in cor colindul sfant si bun,
 Tot mos era si-n vremea lor Batranul Mos Craciun,
 Tot mos era si-n vremea lor  Batranul Mos Craciun.
 E sarbatoare si e joc in casa ta acum.
 Nu-i nici o  casa fara foc de ziua lui Cristos.
 Si-acum te las, fi sanatos si vesel de  Craciun,
 Dar nu uita, cand esti voios, crestine, sa fi bun,
 Dar nu uita, cand esti voios, crestine, sa fi bun.
Se-arata mamele la porti Copiii, nu mai  spun
 Tu nu uita cand esti voios Crestine sa fi bun
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