A very well researched, and articulate report following the day of protest against SOPA/PIPA: I thought it was well worth reblogging. Thanks budhakat!


here’s the story of how the almighty government (Big Corporate) swooped down and busted Megaupload and its owner, Kim Dotcom, in a full on assault with SWAT, FBI, etc and all their ordinance as they swept in and had to break into Kim Dotcom’s “safe room” in order to get to him to make the arrest in New Zealand. This being the big bad “good guys” (again, Big Corporate) coming down hard on those awful internet copyright thieves like Megaupload.

then, as noted in this recent post by The Snarkist and other resources like HUFFPOST

“Less than 24 hours after the electronic equivalent of a sit-in, things got aggressive. Via a series of direct denial of service attacks, cyber-collective Anonymous — which has been referred to as a group of hacker-activists, or “hacktivists” — brought down the websites for the U.S. Department of Justice, Motion Picture Association of America…

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