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From Confessions – A Tree’s…

From Confessions –  A Tree’s…
by George-b (EuZicAsa) 

I always loved to be a tree

years keep thickening my trunk,
seasons have their charm…

They love my shade,
mushrooms and moss alike.

 Good friends:  all dogs, some birds
– those making nest and chirping.

Each time a chainsaw is turned on I think of childhood
when the days get warm I  know the winter’s over…

From Confessions: A Tree's (My Photography Collection)

From Confessions: A Tree's (My Photography Collection)


Dream Upon a Cloud (Mu photography Collection)

Dream Upon a Cloud

Dream Upon a Cloud (my Photography Collection

The Belt-Air of NO2 (my Photography Collection)

Belt-Air of NO2 (can be experienced the same if one was across the water on Catalina Island)

Belt-Air of NO2 (can be experienced the same if one was across the water on Catalina Island)

Sper sa nu fi suparata ca mi-am permis sa impartasesc cu altii poemul tau “imposibila restituire”.

Poezie si proza online- WordPress Page

Mi-ar putea fi dor de tine, daca aş sti că exişti,

te-as putea îmbraţişa daca ai fi viu,

 te-as putea plânge daca ai fi mort,

te-aş putea respinge daca m-ai iubi

şi te-as putea iubi chiar daca tu m-ai uri,

te-as putea ierta daca m-ai trăda

te-as putea ucide

daca m-ai ierta,

indiferenţa ta ar fi cel cel putin bizară,

dacă ar exista,

refuzi să-mi trimiti un semn

o litera a numelui tau ca sa ti-l pot reconstitui,

o picatura de sânge ca sa te pot naste din nou

o amintire ca sa te pot lega de trecut,

un vis prin care să te restitui viitorului,

eşti aici chiar când eşti plecat în memoria altei femei

şi eşti departe chiar când primesc semnale

că şi tu îmi prezici prezenţa absentă…

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Res ipsa loquitur (“The thing itself speaks”):
Sorry to have copied this. (in my defense though: i just couldn’t think of a better acknowledgement…so I did what I have to do , and re-blogged this perfect example of social responsibility. Thank you Mr. Turley, for your views on society.


Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

Last September, the EPA released a statement about its plan to ban the sale of “the most toxic rat and mouse poisons and “rodenticide products that use loose bait and pellets.” Its reason for doing so was “to better protect children, pets, and wildlife.” The EPA had previously announced in 2008 that “rodenticide manufacturers would have three years to adopt limits on the sale of the products” after the agency had gone through “thirteen years of studies, hearings, reports and legal battles.”

According to PRWatch, the EPA became aware that rodenticides “were finding their way into the food chain” by the early 1980s. Poison control centers in this country had been receiving 12,000 to 15,000 calls annually regarding the exposure of children under the age of six to rat poison.

From PRWatch:

In 1998, the Clinton administration’s EPA deemed that rodenticides had to taste bitter, so kids…

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PLATO – ON – LINE, a great place to come and get mentally “hydrated”: his last topic, “What People on Deathbed Regret Most” is a reminder that life is a gift that one should unwrap continuously and enjoy rather than store on a shelf still in the original box.
Life cannot be, like other gifts, exchanged!

Plato on-line

Top five regrets of the dying
On Getting What You Wish or Pray For
Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it

I personally know someone who had a son for his fourth child after three girls. Of course he was so happy. But something went wrong fast and his doctor said the baby would die soon. The religious father went on to tell me that he did all he could to storm heaven and nag God to let his son live. After extraneously doing all he could, his wish or prayer for a miracle was granted and his son survived. His son grew up problematic. He is now an irresponsible, jobless teenage father who use drugs and beats his working wife.

I don’t have any granted wish that I regretted yet. But I still have wishes that I want to come true and I’m not afraid…

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