What happens when corruption reigns? May be this, may be that…

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Athens on 12 February 2012, photo by Gael Michaud / Γκαελ – title: Attikon, Σταδιου tags: Athens, Attica, Greece, Troika, demonstration,Greek parliament, Greek protests, fire, police, riot, strike, Αθηνα, απεργια, φεβρουαριου
comment by frizztext:Greece actually has debts of 60 billions – on the other hand 45 billions are transported to Switzerland and other countries in the last two years by private (rich) people in Greece, who decided to avoid to pay taxes. Of course such a corruption makes a nation bankrupt.

maybe you like to discuss:
I hate violence, I’m influenced by the philosopher Immanuel Kant, who hoped, that there would be an evolution of law and liberty, an evolution of discussion and worldwide connection: that it would be not necessary to act with violence.
But if there is really a development of law: Why it is possible for the Greek minister of defense for…

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  1. photo by Gael Michaud / Γκαελ !
    original link …


    • Thank you Frizztext, It is important to be informed, of the consequences of misery imposed on on other people’s families, their dreams and hopes. You cannot make people agree with their induction into starvation!


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