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Hans Zimmer – Three Musketeers (The Holiday): It’s Magical!

Hanz Zimmer _ Roadside Rhapsody (The Holiday) (music: the language before words!)

I discover everyday  music, as the wordless language, as the language before any word existed. What would we be without music is impossible to comprehend today, so even more we have to cherish those who can convey  ideas through music, suggest scenes through tonality, and rhythm, all in the harmonious sound of …musical notes on scales with keys and alterations…

So, I say: “Cheers!”,  to the composers of the world and to the listening ears that appreciate their music, those who find music indispensable vital component of their daily lives.

English: Extract from the Liszt Hungarian Rhap...

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Hans Zimmer – The Holiday Score

Hans Zimmer The Holiday Soundtrack (Music the language before words!)

Pay it Forward-The Secret to Success!

windwisperer: wind wispers to few and when transposed wispers entice a draft of inspiration, that holds questions and answers, yet to become. Thanks for the post Windwisperer, keep wispering!

blue cafe

pacalit iarna… am explodat oua…m-am imblanzit cu blue fish… de Presidents day.

Friendship  in springtime, Summers are for lovers, Autumn for companionship,

Memories in winter –  Warming memories of  crazies crocus 🙂 february 20/2012

incercand sa fiu speedy gonzales, am incurcat cadentele, dar nu picx si raspunsurile  pentru o ramurica de mar paduret.  Cand sus , cand jos , ca un hopa mitica , mijlocul a fost  lasat sa  faca singur ceva  usor , un ousor . Si-a venit asa o boare…. de mancare…hmmm e de afara , apoi a stat , si pe loc s-au impuscat , pac ,pac, pac …. ouch , ca iara am uita sa mananc eu adecvat…apoi, doar le-am aruncat…

Nu le vrea nici un chipmunks, nici my squirrel…. all the small things  love nuts ;)… I guess . Poate le …imblanzesc cu un cantec…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCGgKYmRGPQ&feature=related

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