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twinklybird: Charlie Bit Me – The Adventures of Ricky (episode 3) I Pushed the “Like” Button…Your turn now!

A story of dogs and cats and cats!

Another instance of yerba mate tea: delicious!


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Internet censorship listed: how does each country compare? (From the Guardian)

Internet censorship listed: how does each country compare?

Internet censorship listed: how does each country compare? (From the Guardian) (click to access story)

Today’s Quotation: Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) on “Human Mentality vs. Existence

Typescript letter, with Tarzana Ranch letterhe...

Typescript letter, with Tarzana Ranch letterhead, from American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) to ornithologist Ruthven Deane (1851-1953) in which he explains the design and significance of his bookplate. Associated media: File:Bookplate of Edgar Rice Burroughs.jpg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They say that none of us exists, except in the imagination of his fellows, other than as an intangible, invisible mentality.
Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) Discuss

My take on this: “They say many things, and that’s the problem. People should think more about the shadowy stain their thoughts leave on the empty, yet to be painted canvas of the physical universe. We cannot plug and unplug at will and without consequences the intellectual (mental life) from the physical one. The society of humans live personal and collective lives, and one without the other make little or no sense to the individual. The key of life is harmony, with all the incidents and disasters, harmony while the universe expands its infinite already margins. They say many things, and we have lesser and lesser time to sleep on them… So think more, be selective, and discerning, and above all realistic, unless you choose to be otherwise.”

Today’s Birthday: ARTUR SCHNABEL (1882)

Artur Schnabel (1882)

Schnabel was an Austrian-American pianist best known for his interpretations of Beethoven’s piano works. Based in Berlin from 1900 to 1933, he composed, taught, and gave legendary performances of the complete sonatas of Beethoven and Schubert for centenary celebrations. In the 1930s, he became the first to record the complete Beethoven cycle. During the Nazi period, he moved to London, then to the US. Though his own compositions are less known, they are revered by serious pianists. Why? More

Beethoven Piano sonata op.78 “A Thérèse” with Arthur Schnabel: