Today’s Birthday: Eliot Ness (1903)

Eliot Ness (1903)

Ness was 26 years old when he was hired as a special agent of the US Department of Justice to head its Chicago Prohibition bureau, with the express purpose of breaking up the bootlegging network of Al Capone. He formed a nine-man team of unbribable officers known as “the Untouchables.” Numerous attempts were made on his life, and one of his friends was killed, but he eventually helped take down Capone, who was convicted on tax evasion charges. What did Ness do after Prohibition ended? More… Discuss

2 responses to “Today’s Birthday: Eliot Ness (1903)

  1. Not to sidetrack Mr. Ness here, but you would think the Government would take a lesson from the end of prohibition and end the war on drugs. It would pull the rug right out from under the drug cartels. 🙂


    • I always asked myself about the purity of forbidding, like in the case of the Prohibition. It is more than a moral or social stand, it is a show of power: and power is seldom reasonable, but quite on the contrary! 🙂 Besides, there is always and obscure motif to power, as it used. One of them is to prove, with certainty how hilarious its manifestation end up looking, in retrospect 🙂


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