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Today’s Birthday: KAREL APPEL (1921)

Karel Appel (1921)

Appel was a Dutch painter and sculptor, and co-founder of the abstract expressionist group COBRA, whose members hailed from Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam. Active from 1948 to 1951, the group created work featuring primary colors and spontaneous brushwork. Appel’s own style was characterized by violent color and crude, reductive figures. Later in life, he turned to creating figurative sculptures in wood and metal. Why was Appel’s fresco in Amsterdam City Hall covered up? More… Discuss


Mystery Skin Ailment in Vietnam Prompts Appeal for Help

Vietnam’s health authorities have requested foreign assistance to help them figure out what is behind the deaths of 19 people suffering from an unidentified skin infection. In total, 171 people in the country’s central province of Quang Ngai are thought to be infected with the mysterious ailment, which begins as a rash on the hands and feet and can progress to liverproblems and multiple organ failure. The illness was first reported in 2011 and reemerged last month. More… Discuss