Robert Kennedy Dies from Gunshot Wounds (1968)

Five years after US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, his younger brother, Senator Robert Kennedy, was shot and killed by a man named Sirhan Sirhan. The shooting took place on the night that Robert won the California Democratic presidential nomination. His body was taken to Arlington National Cemetery by train, and thousands of people gathered by the tracks to pay tribute. He was buried near his brother. In what way was the ceremony the only one of its kind in Arlington’s history? More… Discuss

2 responses to “This Day in History: ROBERT KENNEDY DIES FROM GUNSHOT WOUNDS (1968)

  1. This was a sad day in history. I think Bobby Kennedy would have tried to pick up where John left off, in revealing some of the puppet masters behind the scenes … which is probably why he had to go. I am not as knowledgeable on politics from the 1960’s, as I am now, but it was my understanding that Bobby Kennedy had similar views to JFK. If so,then no doubt he would have continued issuing silver certificates as well. Noticed how the alternate currency began to disappear shortly after JFK was assassinated. May both Kennedy’s RIP.


    • They didn’t deserve to die the way they did: Nobody would. Who knows how little we actually can construe from all the facts, turned into credible or hard to believe stories: I blame those in charge of their respective safety and security!


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