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A song from the 1925 musical “No, No Nanette” with music by VIncent Youman and lyrics by Irving Caesar. It is a duet sung by Nanette and Tom in Act 2 as they imagine their future. “Two for Tea” became a jazz standard and was recorded by numerous bands and intrumentalists. It was the most played song on “The Lawrence Welk Show” . 

Ebb Tide ( Mantovani )


nice experiment: check it out for yourselves!

Conditional (a poetic thought by George-b)

Conditional  (by George-b)

to be to do to make to have – oh,
to have: a leg, or two, to use them both,
a health and one to spare, give – organs, blood or  a tear…

I know, another stereotype – aren’t we all –
when we are,  do, make, have

conditional on being that is, of course.

Remember (my poetic thoughts)

Remember, (by George-b)

From all the places
I’ve missed, I sent you a thought

From those I went to, you were with me

But from the places I’ll never reach
make those your trail –


Today’s Birthday: Errol Flynn (1909)


Cover of "The Adventures of Robin Hood [B...

Cover of The Adventures of Robin Hood [Blu-ray]

Errol Flynn (1909)

As a young man, the Australian-born Flynn led an adventurous life, pursuing various careers in the Pacific before taking up acting in England. He soon became a Hollywood star, playing swashbuckling heroes in such films as Captain Blood and Robin Hood. Scandals involving drinking and womanizing marred his reputation, and his career faltered until a lauded return in The Sun Also Rises in 1957. Numerous legends surround the circumstances of his death. What were his last words? More… Discuss

This Day in History: The Battle of Chalons (451 CE)

The Battle of Chalons (451 CE)

Perhaps one of the most important battles of late antiquity, the Battle of Chalons is known only from written records and its exact location remains a mystery, though it probably took place in northeastern France. In this battle, the Romans and Visigoths stopped the advance of the Huns under Attila and, some say, preserved Western civilization. The battle was brutal, and legend holds that the ghosts of the dead continued to fight for days. By some accounts, the battle was fought over what woman? More… Discuss







English language map.

English language map. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s Quotation: Jonathan Swift on “the father of lies”


Although the Devil be the father of lies, he seems, like other great inventors, to have lost much of his reputation by the continual improvements that have been made upon him.

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) Discuss

The Dreamachine

The Dreamachine

Developed in the early 1960s primarily by British artist Brion Gysin, the Dreamachine is a device designed to create visual hallucinations when viewed through closed eyelids. It is made of a light bulb suspended inside a perforated cylinder mounted on a record player. When it revolves, the light is said to flash at the same frequency as brain waves during relaxation, creating an intense visual experience while the viewer’s eyes remain closed. Why is it dangerous for about one in 10,000 people? More… Discuss


Caution – Care without borders (Wordless this Wednesday)

Caution - Care without borders (Wordless this Wednesday)

Care without borders