Boston Early Music Festival

Boston Early Music Festival  (click to access program)

On the program:
Dario Castello – Sonata decimaterza from Sonate Concertate in Stil Moderno, Libro II, Venice, 1629 Quicksilver

Claudio Monteverdi – Pur Ti Miro
Artist Name/Performers: Stephen Stubbs, lute; Maxine Eilander; harp
Marc-Antoine Charpentier – Pulchra Es Les Voix Baroques

Antonio Vivaldi – Overture to L’Olympiade
Artist Name/Performers: Boston Early Music Festival Orchestra; Robert Mealy, director

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Fantasy in C minor, K. 475 Kristian Bezuidenhout, fortepiano

Composer: Trad. Slovak – Gypsy fiddle music Solamente Naturali

Henry Purcell – My Beloved Spake Les Voix Baroques

(image courtesy of BEMF/André Costantini

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