Ry Cooder and David Lindley – Jesus On The Mainline

This is some superb footage of Ry Cooder with David Lindley, Bobby King, Terry Evans, Willie Green and Joachim Cooder shot at the 1994 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.  Just don’t ask me what the sub-titles mean – or who the bloke at the beginning is (but he does look strangely familiar)… http://www.rycooderstuff.co.uk

2 responses to “Ry Cooder and David Lindley – Jesus On The Mainline

  1. hi George,
    thank you for your kind link to my soundcloud
    but of course it is so much better to watch the guitar God Ry Cooder himself on youtube!


    • Never: Talent is talent: uniqueness is out birthright! your solo, would’we fit perfectly in Ry’s band, and as solo, but there is this problem (or may be solution); once you love something and are good at it, you can play whereever whenever! Isn’t this grand? The reason for which I posted Ry, was the orchestra, and the deep voices, you can hear, and for ” I can play this at Staples, boy I love those guys” little thing with lots a meaning, Ry sais somewhere in the leightmotive of the song! Did you catche that? I think you did!!! 🙂


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