Alchemy: moments to jewels (my poetic thoughts)

Alchemy: moments to jewels

Alchemy: moments to jewels

alchemy: moments to jewels

the moments past are now my jewels
long time have they been polished
In the clean interstellar void, beyond…

The place I keep them  is no secret ,
the perfect  vault’s,  my heart ;
 from time to time I take few out to wear,
sometimes they’re meant as truthful gifts
for those who care…

Will the moments survive?

2012, copyright, poems, George-B, euzicasa

8 responses to “Alchemy: moments to jewels (my poetic thoughts)

  1. Such sweetness and honesty. Beautiful.


  2. May your heart be filled with many, many well polished jewels. Virginia


    • Yours too, Virginia. Thank you so much for your gracious wish. You know, all we can do is trying. Imagine the poor souls who cannot remember their family, friends, themselves. live an emptied life. So the best we can do is memorize our memories, and hope..!


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