Warmer Seas Harbor Sickening Bacteria

Scientists say warmer seas are responsible for the emergence of a gastroenteritis-causing group of bacteria in northern Europe and outbreaks elsewhere in the world. They found that every year that the Baltic Sea’s surface temperature rose one degree, the number of Vibrioinfections in the area rose by nearly 200 percent. These bacteria are generally found in tropical marine environments but are spreading in areas that are warming, and the Baltic Sea in particular has been warming at an unprecedented rate. Vibrio outbreaks have also been recorded in Chile, Peru, Israel, the northwestern US, and northwestern Spain and have been linked to warming in these regions. More… 


  1. Even we see and feel such a warning for earth but still forget to save it and even saving efforts are unblanced ! some countries tried their best but some nothing to do with that !!!
    Wish, Hope one day , before it get so late, all the people try their best to save our planet.


    • I agree! Humans do not behave as crew mates, as if we were not sharing the same boat The Earth! It is the predicament of the human race to confuse Humanity with Weakness , and therefore how will we be on the same platform? Thanks for your comment, a very true, fundamental truth, that is beyond question!


  2. I think all this warming is going to become a larger problem than we can even imagine.


    • I’m sure we will run into many more enforceable things: All we can do is accurately record for posterity our observations, being the first, to have the possibility to do so, and hope that future generations (if any) will be able to understand our records! But, are we going to, at least restore the lung of the planet, the rain forest, or continue to cut and burn (therefore choking our planet). I think it has a lot to do with a more balanced climate.
      Thanks for commenting!


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