One Lovely Blog Award Post

"One Lovely Blog Award"

“One Lovely Blog Award”; Thanks Maarit-Johanna !  (click to access post)

Dear reader,

My blog has been nominated for ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ by Maarit-Johanna, who reminds us by the articles published at her Website, The World of Alexander the Great,  of the otherwise long gone, and forgotten by some, historical fact that history tends to repeat itself. Blessed are those who remember this simple atribute of life, time and space and live with an eye on the past, and the other on the pass, where the next foot will next touch the ground beneath.


1. Link back to the person who nominated you: Thank you for nominating my blog for this award Maarit-Johanna!

2. Post the award image to your page

3. Tell 7 facts about yourself

1. I love nature

2. I was born in springtime and always adored the dizzying feeling of its return.

3. My favorite poets are Mihai Eminescu and Leonard Cohen

4. I consider Leonard Cohen to be the true voice of at least one generation, as a musician, philosopher, and poet: that  to which I belong, but his work will survive, and grow.

5. I quit smoking, April Fools Day, 1990, and never regreted it… seriously, never!

6. I like to observe (acknowledge) squirrels, and sometimes,  kites and other Identifiable Flying Objects (IFO).

7. I like to help other, especially when they are stranded (such as on the bike road, flat tire, no pump, that kind of thing): Yes it’s OK to use the one I carry around!

4. Nominate 15 other blogs

1.  Frizztext:

2.  Violetsky:

3. Hetterbell:

4. Marina Kanavaki:

5. Ann Novek:

6. Free Tag Zone – Inventaire de l’éphémère :

7. Kotev 1000:

8. Stacy Alexander – Multi-Disciplinary Artist:

9. Russel Ray:

10.  Dear Kitty. Some Blog:

11.  Zubhan Zein:

12. Stefania:

13.  Dear Bliary :

14. Tracie Louise :

15. lost in town:

Thank you to all of you who take time to read my blog !

Let Enjoy today, and hope and work towards a more luminous tomorrow!


16 responses to “One Lovely Blog Award Post

    I’m sure George, you would have tried to rescue this sqirrel out off the hole …


    They Named Him ‘Erwin’: #Squirrel Dies after Manhole Cover Rescue via @SPIEGELONLINE
    my twitter stream August 7th


  3. congrats, dear George!
    you wrote “I like to observe (acknowledge) squirrels” (6) – I’ll search for the SPIEGEL news some days ago with photo: they rescued a squirrel out off a tiny hole; P.S.: I’ll never forget, how a gang of school kids killed a squirrel with hurray …


  4. Congrats George on your award and thank you so much for nominating me too!!


  5. Thank you!

    I will post about this in a few days’ time.


  6. Thank you a million George! Heartwarming!


  7. 13 is my lucky number :-). Thank you, George.


  8. Congratulations!
    And thank you so much for the nomination of our “Free Tag Zone” …
    Greetings from Belgium.


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