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Le Plat Pais – Jacques Brel


Le Plat Pais

Avec la mer du Nord pour dernier terrain vague
Et des vagues de dunes pour arrêter les vagues
Et de vagues rochers que les marées dépassent
Et qui ont à jamais le coeur à marée basse
Avec infiniment de brumes à venir
Avec le vent de l’est écoutez-le tenir
Le plat pays qui est le mien

Avec des cathédrales pour uniques montagnes
Et de noirs clochers comme mâts de cocagne
Où des diables en pierre décrochent les nuages
Avec le fil des jours pour unique voyage
Et des chemins de pluies pour unique bonsoir
Avec le vent d’ouest écoutez-le vouloir
Le plat pays qui est le mien

Avec un ciel si bas qu’un canal s’est perdu
Avec un ciel si bas qu’il fait l’humilité
Avec un ciel si gris qu’un canal s’est pendu
Avec un ciel si gris qu’il faut lui pardonner
Avec le vent du nord qui vient s’écarteler
Avec le vent du nord écoutez-le craquer
Le plat pays qui est le mien

Avec de l’Italie qui descendrait l’Escaut
Avec Frida la blonde quand elle devient Margot
Quand les fils de novembre nous reviennent en mai
Quand la plaine est fumante et tremble sous juillet
Quand le vent est au rire quand le vent est au blé
Quand le vent est au sud écoutez-le chanter
Le plat pays qui est le mien.

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Le plat pays (French) or in Dutch Mijn vlakke land is a song by the Belgian singer Jacques Brel, who performed the song in both languages.

The success encountered in Paris by his Swiss mentor friend Jean Villard Gilles‘ Venoge, about an unknown little river, inspired and encouraged him to write the song.

The flat country referred to in the song is West Flanders, the region in Belgium from which his family originated. It is a region with many open fields and few trees. Because this landscape is rather typical not only of the West Flanders, but of large swathes of the Low Countries, the Dutch version of the song is popular in the Netherlands.

The French lyrics are by Jacques Brel, the Dutch lyrics by Ernst van Altena.

Valencian singer Ovidi Montllor wrote a largely modified version, “El Meu Poble Alcoi” (“My Hometown Alcoi“), which he dedicated to the city where he was born and grown up.

The song was also referenced in the original French language version of Asterix in Belgium, where the Belgian leader tells AsterixObelix and Vitalstatistix that “in his flat country oppidumsare the only mountains.”


Textually Active ( I Think this is funny! What do you think?)

The comic in this video reminds me of Three man in a Boat, only 130 years later: I think it’s funny…to a point!

Question: Why do people text?

Answer: Because they can!

Today’s Quotation: Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) – on Contiguous Universe or Universe as one body (I think)

The sky was clear—remarkably clear—and the twinkling of all the stars seemed to be but throbs of one body, timed by a common pulse.

Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: ALEX HALEY (1921)


Alex Haley (1921)

A descendent of African slaves, Haley began writing during a 20-year US Coast Guard career. He became a journalist, and earned national attention for The Autobiography of Malcolm X. His biggest success was 1976’s Roots, a Pulitzer Prize-winning history of his ancestors beginning with their enslavement. A television adaptation became one of the most-watched programs in America, spurring interest in genealogy. Why then was the work excluded from a prominent anthology of literature? More… Discuss



Mayan Long Count Calendar Begins (3114 BCE)

The Long Count is one of the various ancient Mayan calendars that maintained complicated, cyclical measurements of time. It was intended to provide an accurate record of historical events and counts the days elapsed from a fixed starting point—calculated as August 11, 3114 BCE, the date of creation according to the Maya. Some believe that the calendar predicts the world’s end on December 21, 2012, but scholars have widely rejected this claim. What was the significance of that date to the Maya? More… Discuss



No Sun for Sect’s Kids Living in Bunker

A number of children born to members of a Russian Islamist sect that sequestered itself in an underground bunker for nearly a decade saw the sun for the first time this month, after the group’s quarters were discovered by authorities in Kazan. Prohibited from leaving the eight-story, unheated underground bunker, the 70 members of the Fayzarahmanist sect, named for its organizer and prophet Fayzrahman Satarov, are now under investigation for illegal activities such as prohibiting members from seeking medical care and education and for potential child abuseMore… Discuss


Feeding the squirrels (snapshot from a Midland – XTC 720p – HD)

Feeding the squirrels (snapshot from a Midland - XTC 720p - HD)

Feeding the squirrels (snapshot from a Midland – XTC 720p – HD)

I just purchased this Midland XTC 720p HD. Described as a “Wearable Video Camera”, I can attest to its wearability. As a logo (and a very clever one, by the way) the manufacturer used the following statement: “put yourself in the action”. Well, I felt compelled by that phrase and here I Am In The Act(ion)…of  feeding the squirrels (you know how I feel about these incredible creatures, fun loving, observing, and nuts lovers… Almonds will do; I roast them in a popcorn machine, an

Old Wear-Ever Hot Air “Popcorn Pumper”, Model 72000 (that I found and purchased on E-Bay). I roast coffee in it too – one thing I don’t do, is…popcorn.

One thing about the camera is that you can only guess what the image would look like (the reason for the tilt is because of the way I mounted the camera on my bike (using the handle-bar mounting, purchased separately), and that was the only way I could get everybody (me, the squirrels, the almond, the sea, the flag – in the frame). Oh, by the way: the action  takes place in Huntington Beach.

I already took about 6 hours of videos, both in SD (Standard) as well as  HD (High Definition-720 pixels), and you can see that the image is OK (snapshot took with the videolan player), if you want to   create a visual journal of your travels and adventures; you can even install one in the car, while you’re driving (which I’ll do on Monday Morning, in my way to work). The camera uses a micro SD card, which has to be purchased separately (I got a 32 GB, which is huge). I suggest you get a extra rechargeable battery pack,  Model: BATT9L, if you want to tape more than 2.5 hours and do not have an source of power handy. The battery can be charged while in the camera. There is a waterproof casing, for water sports activities (also not included).
Included with the camera is a peel-off self adhesive helmet lateral mounting. The extra package (around $ 25 ) has another one of those, a strapped mounting for the top of the  helmet, a lateral goggles , and a handle bar mounting….and this is the one I have been using. 
The sound, stereo, is influenced by the wind, and some vibration, but it is also very accurate to voice. 
finally the format of the video is MP4, I played it with my Video-Lan, and Quick Time, and intend to find the freeware I used last year to make the videos I have on my You-Tube channel (before the crash and burn -virtual- of my computer.

In time I will upload some excerpts o f my  yesterday and today’s biking adventure.

Upon Arriving home I was so pleasantly surprised by the new followers of euzicasa, bringing the total number to one hundred.

Thank you so much for following , friends, and I hope to get the inspiration to make your visits a pleasant , and genuine fun, possibly inspiring, and informative. 

Privatize this!

Dear Bliary

Jeff and I went to Philadelphia today to join in a rally for Solidarity.  There were plenty of signs there – more than I could capture.  Unions from all around came to stand together to support the 2nd Bill of Rights.  (click to read more about these rights)

Here are some of the signs that were displayed.

WORKERS STAND FOR AMERICA – Music from Yankee Doodle Dandy to God Bless America

One of the amendments

Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

Some ‘workers’ were more enthusiastic 🙂

Some signs floated overhead

Jeff got in on the action – supporting Local 351, of which he is a member

We don’t all have to believe in the same things, and we don’t all have to agree, but we all have a say.  We had our say today. 

When we drove away from the rally, we came across this sign.  I wish we…

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