Ecuador’s asylum for Wikileaks’ Assange

Ecuador: Gracias!

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This video is called WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs: Torture, civilian death toll revealed in latest leak.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Ecuador had no choice

Thursday 16 August 2012

Ecuador‘s decision to grant political asylum to Julian Assange was the only one possible in the circumstances.

This is not just because of Quito’s values of “human rights, democracy and peace,” as Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino stressed, but as a response to Britain’s attempt to bludgeon Ecuador into submission.

Foreign Secretary William Hague‘s attempt to put pressure on President Rafael Correa‘s government by “reminding” it of a 1987 law allowing the British government to revoke the diplomatic status of foreign embassies was an act of ham-fisted arrogance.

Patino’s response of bringing the threat into the open and telling the Foreign Office: “We are not a British colony” was entirely appropriate.

The Diplomatic and Consular Premises Act…

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