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Now the Swan it floated on the English river 
Ah the Rose of High Romance it opened wide 
A sun tanned woman yearned me through the summer 
and the judges watched us from the other side 
I told my mother “Mother I must leave you 
preserve my room but do not shed a tear 
Should rumour of a shabby ending reach you 
it was half my fault and half the atmosphere” 

But the Rose I sickened with a scarlet fever 
and the Swan I tempted with a sense of shame 
She said at last I was her finest lover 
and if she withered I would be to blame 

The judges said you missed it by a fraction 
rise up and brace your troops for the attack 
Ah the dreamers ride against the men of action 
Oh see the men of action falling back 

But I lingered on her thighs a fatal moment 
I kissed her lips as though I thirsted still 
My falsity had stung me like a hornet 
The poison sank and it paralysed my will 

I could not move to warn all the younger soldiers 
that they had been deserted from above 
So on battlefields from here to Barcelona 
I’m listed with the enemies of love 

And long ago she said “I must be leaving, 
Ah but keep my body here to lie upon 
You can move it up and down and when I’m sleeping 
Run some wire through that Rose and wind the Swan” 

So daily I renew my idle duty 
I touch her here and there — I know my place 
I kiss her open mouth and I praise her beauty 
and people call me traitor to my face

Leonard Cohen: “It was called “The traitor”.  It was about the feeling that we have of betraying some mission that we were mandated to fulfill, and being unable to fulfill it, and then coming to understand that the real mandate was not to fulfill it, and that the deeper courage was to stand guiltless in the predicament in which you found yourself”.


Santa Ana Bike trail @ Hamilton St. underpass

Santa Ana Bike trail @ Hamilton St. underpass

Santa Ana Bike trail @ Hamilton St. underpass

Santa Ana Bike Trail @ mile 2: Sharing the road! (Midland Webcam)

Santa Ana Bike Trail @ mile 2: Sharing the road! (Midland Webcam)

Santa Ana Bike Trail @ mile 2: Sharing the road! (Midland Webcam)

Red Hibiscus: You’re beautiful!

Red Hybiscus: You're beautiful!

Red Hibiscus: You’re beautiful!

Pears in the form of Buddha.


Nyad Ends Latest Cuba To Keys Quest

Today’s Quotation: John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) on Adressing Women Politicians

I’m always rather nervous about how you talk about women who are active in politics, whether they want to be talked about as women or as politicians.

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) Discuss

This Day in Yesteryear: The First Geneva Convention Is Signed (1864)

The First Geneva Convention Is Signed (1864)

After witnessing firsthand the suffering of thousands of wounded soldiers left without aid on a battlefield in Italy, Jean-

Treaty stones

Treaty stones (Photo credit: gordontour)

Henri Dunant returned to his native Switzerland and began campaigning for the humane treatment of war wounded. This prompted an international conference that resulted in the First Geneva Convention, an international agreement protecting neutral medical personnel and wounded soldiers. The Red Cross was also founded as a direct result of his efforts. What battle inspired him? More… Discuss

Diana Nyad’s Dream of Cuba-US Swim Dashed

Diana Nyad’s Dream of Cuba-US Swim Dashed

Long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad has abandoned her latest, and likely last, attempt to make the 103-mi (166-km) swim from Cuba to the US. She swam for 63 hours and suffered a number of severe jellyfish stings to the face before being pulled from the water by her support crew. This was the 62-year-old Nyad’s fourth failed attempt to make the crossing. Had she succeeded, she would have claimed the record for longest “unassisted open ocean swim”—meaning a swim done without the protection of a shark cage. More… Discuss

Today’s Birthday: HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON (1908) – a French Photographer

Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908)

Cartier-Bresson was a French photographer who is considered the father of photojournalism. His works, which were unmanipulated and achieved with simple techniques, are remarkable for their flawless capture of a situation’s “decisive moment.” He served in World War II and escaped a Nazi prison camp after three years to dig up a camera he had previously buried. He hated being photographed and was fiercely private. He claimed to have confided his secrets in someone he would never meet again. Who? More…  Discuss