Mutant Butterflies Found in Fukushima or “Atoms For Life…Mutated life”

Mutant Butterflies Found in Fukushima

It has long been believed that insects are highly resistant to radiation; however, mutated butterflies collected from various locations in Japan following the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident are challenging this idea. A team of researchers collected 144 adult pale grass blue butterflies that would have been larvae at the time of the accident and found an increase in mutations, particularly those of the leg, antenna, and wing. Butterflies collected six months later had an even higher mutation rate, a fact researchers attribute to contaminated food sources and to genetic mutations passed along from the previous generation. More… Discuss

Going back to  my previous thought: “For reasoning beings how can it be that humans are so dumbing unreasoning and unreasonable!”

4 responses to “Mutant Butterflies Found in Fukushima or “Atoms For Life…Mutated life”

  1. Yes, Jody has said exactly what I feel so often when clicking the like button.. I tell myself that it’s telling the blogger I’m glad to have had this information. As for the butterflies. It breaks my heart that not only do we hurt each other, but all other creatures and our planet… I can only repeat to myself the mantra ” may only Love prevail”..


    • And I say: Atoms for peace is a blasphemy and a lie bigger than the bigger black hole! Shame of those who still sell our very existence to Lies & Co. (subsidiary of the Potato Head International)!


  2. Not so sure “like” is appropriate. Interesting. Very sad state of affairs.


    • I know, many times I feel the same way about the “like” Button: I think we all know that too, we like the fact that we benefit in any way from knowing a little more today, good or bad, about the world, because information is power! Thank you for your heartfelt comment Jody! It is very sad indeed, that we, humans, cannot depend on our natural nature for reasonability, as a new species on Earth!


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