today in Yesteryear: Freckleton Air Disaster (1944)

Freckleton Air Disaster (1944)

On the morning of August 23, 1944, an American B-24 bomber aircraft crashed into the village of Freckleton in Lancashire, England, during a fierce storm. The plane hit the Holy Trinity School, three houses, and a snack bar for American servicemen. Fuel from the plane’s ruptured fuel tank created an inferno. Of the 61 people killed in the crash and fire, 38 were children. What reportedly widespread belief among the American airmen about British weather may have contributed to the disaster? More… Discuss

2 responses to “today in Yesteryear: Freckleton Air Disaster (1944)

  1. Amazing, I’ve read so much about the war, and grew up in it, and never knew of this disaster…


    • Well we know only about the thinks the historians want to tell us about…Then, there are historians on one side, and historians on the other side, and all carve slices of reality which now look like and has the consistency of Swiss cheese! Isn’t it unfortunate, that people can never trust their own politicians in the way they portray or fail to portray their failures? Thanks for your comment Valerie, as it is news to me too!


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