Today Birthday: IVAN THE TERRIBLE (1530)

Ivan the Terrible (1530)

Ivan IV was the first ruler of Russia to formally assume the title “czar.” His early reign saw modernization, expansion, and reform. However, after a near-fatal illness, a failed war against Sweden and Poland, and the death of a wife, Ivan’s mental state deteriorated. He withdrew to his personal territory, and his later reign was marked by extreme violence, repression, and tyranny. He rid himself of unwanted wives by forcing them into convents. Why did Ivan murder his son—and only heir—in 1581? More… Discuss

2 responses to “Today Birthday: IVAN THE TERRIBLE (1530)

  1. Doesn’t sound as though much has changed judging from the repression being clamped down on protestors today.


    • traditions…are the hardest to change, if ever. So if the tradition was feudal, no matter how many disguises, and wrappings, and bows, feudal will remain more or less! 🙂


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