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Canada breaks off relations with Iran Published on 8 September 2012 – 2:46am on Radio Netherland Worldwide



Canada breaks off relations with Iran

Published on 8 September 2012 – 2:46am

Canada closed its Tehran embassy and ordered Iranian diplomats be expelled, in a damning severance of ties in which it accused the Islamic Republic of being the biggest threat to world peace.

Canada did not cite a specific incident that caused the breakdown, but issued a strongly worded attack on Tehran’s support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad‘s pariah regime and Iran’s “incitement to genocide” against Israel.

In announcing the action, Ottawa cited concerns for the safety of its staff at the diplomatic mission in Tehran and also attacked the failure of Iran’s rulers to account for the nation’s disputed nuclear program.

“Canada views the government of Iran as the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today,” Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said in a statement.

“Diplomatic relations between Canada and Iran have been suspended. All Canadian diplomatic staff have left Iran, and Iranian diplomats in Ottawa have been instructed to leave within five days,” he added.

Baird also warned Canadians, including dual nationals, that Ottawa will not be able to provide assistance to them if they travel to Iran, and advised any Canadians in Iran to contact the Canadian mission in Turkey if needed.

Canada’s action did not prompt an immediate reaction from Tehran, but Iran had threatened “reciprocal action” in May, when Canada closed the visa section in its Iranian embassy, one used by thousands of Iranians with ties to Canada.

Ottawa’s move has gotten support from some of its allies in the West, who allege that the nuclear program aims to give Tehran a nuclear bomb, and have accused the “Iranian regime” of promoting international terrorism.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated Canada for cutting diplomatic relations, calling the decision “courageous” and “an example to the international community.”

The US State Department said it “shared Canada’s concerns” regarding Iran’s support for the Syrian regime, its human rights record and its nuclear program.

“We want all countries to join us in isolating Iran as they see appropriate,” added State Department deputy spokesman Patrick Ventrell, adding “there are many different ways they can do that.”

An estimated 120,000 people of Iranian origin or descent live in Canada, according to official 2006 census data, and thousands of their relatives in Iran visit them every year.

Despite worsening relations, however, Ottawa’s decision to cut all ties was surprising, Houchang Hassan-Yari, a Royal Military College of Canada professor, said, noting that as recently as the 1990s, Iran was Canada’s main commercial partner in the Middle East.

Friday’s move “is a sign of the very pronounced rapprochement between Canada and Israel,” and of an ever-stronger shift away from Iran, he added.

In July, Ottawa warned Iran not to recruit agents in Canada after an Iranian envoy was quoted urging Iranian-Canadians to “occupy high-level key positions” and to “resist being melted into the dominant Canadian culture.”

Ties have also been strained by Tehran’s treatment of Iranian-born Canadians who traveled to visit their homeland. Iran does not recognize dual nationality and authorities have denied Canadian detainees consular protection.

An Iranian opposition group, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, based in Paris, welcomed Ottawa’s decision to sever ties with what the group’s president-elect called “the religious fascism ruling Iran.”

Tehran had exploited its diplomatic relations around the world “to justify suppression, crime, acquiring advanced technology, in particular nuclear technology, and (to) export terrorism,” said Maryam Rajavi.

Iran, which has been ruled by an Islamic theocracy since the 1979 uprising against the former Persian monarchy, is locked in a diplomatic stand-off with the West over its nuclear activities.

Tehran insists it has a right to enrich nuclear fuel to power civilian nuclear energy and research, but Washington, Israel and their allies claim it is seeking nuclear weapons capability.

In recent years, the stand-off has led Canada and the international community to implement a series of sanctions against Iran.

Israel, which has an undeclared nuclear weapons program of its own, has made it clear that it would launch military strikes sooner than see its main enemy in the Middle East attain such a goal.

Iran’s leaders in return regularly issue threats to destroy Israel or to disrupt oil shipping in the Gulf. Tehran is also the main foreign backer of Assad’s regime in Damascus.



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Charles Aznavour – Il Faut Savoir (one has to know)

Il faut savoir encore sourire
Quand le meilleur s’est retir
Et qu’il ne reste que le pire
Dans une vie bte pleurer
Il faut savoir, cote que cote,
Garder toute sa dignit
Et, malgr ce qu’il nous en cote,
S’en aller sans se retourner
Face au destin, qui nous dsarme,
Et devant le bonher perdu,
Il faut savoir cacher ses larmes
Mais moi, mon coeur,je n’ai pas su
Il faut savoir quitter la table
Lorsque l’amour est desservi
Sans s’accrocher, l’air pitoyable,
Mais partir sans faire de bruit
Il faut savoir cacher sa peine
Sous le masque de tous les jours
Et retenir les cris de haine
Qui sont les derniers mots d’amour
Il faut savoir rester de glace
Et taire un coeur qui meurt dja
Il faut savoir garder la face
Mais moi je t’aime trop
Mais moi je ne peux pas
Il faut savoir
Mais moi je ne sais pas

More lyrics:       Here  

Salvatore Adamo – Tombe la neige

Tombe la neige
Tu ne viendras pas ce soir
Tombe la neige
Et mon cœur s´habille de noir
Ce soyeux cortège
Tout en larmes blanches
L´oiseau sur la branche
Pleure le sortilège

Tu ne viendras pas ce soir
Me crie mon désespoir
Mais tombe la neige
Impassible manège

Tombe la neige
Tu ne viendras pas ce soir
Tombe la neige
Tout est blanc de désespoir
Triste certitude
Le froid et l´absence
Cet odieux silence
Blanche solitude

Tu ne viendras pas ce soir
Me crie mon désespoir
Mais tombe la neige
Impassible manège                  (find more lyrics  Here)

Charles Aznavour – Non Je N’ai Rien Oublié (No, I have not forgotten anything (with lyrics))

Je n’aurais jamais cru qu’on se rencontrerait
Le hasard est curieux, il provoque les choses
Et le destin pressé un instant prend la pause
Non je n’ai rien oublié

Je souris malgré moi, rien qu’à te regarder
Si les mois, les années marquent souvent les êtres
Toi, tu n’as pas changé, la coiffure peut-être
Non je n’ai rien oublié

Marié, moi ? allons donc, je n’en ai nulle envie
J’aime ma liberté, et puis, de toi à moi
Je n’ai pas rencontré la femme de ma vie
Mais allons prendre un verre, et parle-moi de toi

Qu’as-tu fait de tes jours ? es-tu riche et comblée ?
Tu vis seule à Paris? mais alors ce mariage ?
Entre nous, tes parents ont dû crever de rage
Non je n’ai rien oublié

Qui m’aurait dit qu’un jour sans l’avoir provoqué
Le destin tout à coup nous mettrait face à face
Je croyais que tout meurt avec le temps qui passe
Non je n’ai rien oublié

Je ne sais trop que dire, ni par où commencer
Les souvenirs foisonnent, envahissent ma tête
Mon passé revient du fond de sa défaite
Non je n’ai rien oublié, rien oublié

A l’age où je portais mon cœoeur pour toute arme
Ton père ayant pour toi bien d’autres ambitions
A brisé notre amour et fait jaillir nos larmes
Pour un mari choisi sur sa situation

J’ai voulu te revoir mais tu étais cloîtrée
Je t’ai écrit cent fois, mais toujours sans réponse
Cela m’a pris longtemps avant que je renonce
Non je n’ai rien oublié

L’heure court et déjà le café va fermer
Viens je te raccompagne à travers les rues mortes
Comme au temps des baisers qu’on volait sous ta porte
Non je n’ai rien oublié

Chaque saison était notre saison d’aimer
Et nous ne redoutions ni l’hiver ni l’automne
C’est toujours le printemps quand nos vingt ans résonnent
Non je n’ai rien oublié, rien oublié

Cela m’a fait du bien de sentir ta présence
Je me sens différent, comme un peu plus léger
On a souvent besoin d’un bain d’adolescence
C’est doux de revenir aux sources du passé

Je voudrais, si tu veux, sans vouloir te forcer
Te revoir à nouveau, enfin… si c’est possible
Si tu en as envie, si tu es disponible
Si tu n’as rien oublié
Comme moi qui n’ai rien oublié      (Lyrics from Here )

War does not determine who is right…

Unfortunately nobody seems to care, unless they are directly affected! Just like with everything else about humans!


“War does not determine who is right – only who is left.”

Bertrand Russell

From Syrian Atheists

* * *

Aza’s Story
Bosnia, 1990s

(from ‘Escape from Bosnia’ as told to Sue McCauley)

“On 27 March 1992 I went home to Purtici…I was going to stay for the week, then return to Sarajevo as I had oral and written exams coming up. On the way home I stopped off at a mountain town where I had some close Serb friends, and went to have a coffee with them. One of them said to me, “Please don’t go into Zepa. There’s going to be war there.”

I thought he was joking. “Why should there be?”

“Can’t tell you that,” he said. “It’s not my fault, it’s not your fault, but there will definitely be fighting in Zepa, and very soon, so keep away from there. Leave Bosnia. If you don’t have…

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How to turn off apps on the Droid

Why? because I’m an Android now, and I have now idea how to button up my shirt – let’s say – that’s why! 

Quotation: Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914) on offense and pardon as….economic value! ($,$,$)


Amnesty, n.: The state’s magnanimity to those offenders whom it would be too expensive to punish.

Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914) Discuss


Today’s Birthday: JACOB LAWRENCE (1917)

Jacob Lawrence (1917)

Lawrence was a leading black artist who portrayed African-American life, experience, and history with vivid, stylized realism. He was only in his twenties when his series depicting the migration of African Americans from the rural South to the urban North thrust him into the national spotlight. His use of somber browns and black for shadows and outlines in an otherwise vibrant palette lends his work a distinctive overtone, as does his flat painting style. Where can one view his last public workMore… Discuss

Virginia Mecklenburg, senior curator, explores the work of Jacob Lawrence, Norman Lewis, Lois Mailou Jones, Melvin Edwards, and other artists featured in the exhibition African American Art: Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Era, and Beyond. These artists participated in ongoing dialogues about art, black identity, and individual rights that engaged American society in the twentieth century. Using documentary realism, painterly expressionism, and the postmodern assemblage of found objects, they rewrote American history and its art.


Scrub Jays Hold “Funerals” for Dead Birds

Scientists studying the behavior of western scrub jays have observed the birds seemingly marking the death of fellow birds with so-calledfuneral congregations. The researchers tested the birds’ reactions to different objects by placing colored pieces of wood, stuffed jays, and dead jays in residential yards. When the birds encountered a dead jay, they made warnings calls to jays long distances away. The birds would then stop foraging and gather around the dead bird while making calls to encourage other jays to attend. When the presence of a predator was simulated by placing a stuffed great horned owl nearby, the jays also made a series of alarm calls. More… Discuss




Green Roofs

Green roofs are rooftops that are covered with vegetation. Though more expensive than conventional roofs, green roofs can reduce heating and cooling costs, and they can also filter pollution from air and rainwater. A concentration of green roofs in a city can even decrease the overall temperature of the surrounding area in the summer. Notable buildings with green roofs include Chicago City Hall and Rolls-Royce’s headquarters in England. In what region have green roofs been in use for centuries? More… Discuss