FRANCE 24 Environment – 09/01/2012 ENVIRONMENT

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All you need to know about the planet and all its facets
A weekly look at the world around us – how we affect it, and how it affects us. Saturdays at 11:40am Paris time. 

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FRANCE 24 Environment by france24english (click to access program)

2 responses to “FRANCE 24 Environment – 09/01/2012 ENVIRONMENT

  1. This was really worthwhile video, such valuable information,. thank you


    • you’re welcome Valerie, we live in a unknown world, surrounded by unnatural features, which we help to create, is of our own making, and it pays us back times over, by the destruction of the natural world, and by new and terrible diseases, deformities and health conditions which we cannot start to understand the tragedies. And yet Homo Sapiens is in denial, or powerless to the powers to be! Thanks for your comment, and hope you can access the you tube program: it is good to stay abreast of the news, and one way is to listen to different news agencies: After all it’s all politics!


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