Shark Fin Soup

The ingredient that gives shark fin soup its name actually lends little flavor to the dish. Instead, it is added to improve the soup’s texture—and the perceived status of the consumer. Considered a delicacy in Asia, where it is often served at weddings as a symbol of prosperity, the soup has led to an increased demand for fins, and shark populations have been decimated as a result. After their fins are removed, the still-living sharks are often returned to the water, where what happens to them? More… Discuss


7 responses to “SHARK FIN SOUP

  1. I don’t know what happens to them. But that’s just SAD. Hopefully their fellow sharks don’t ostracize them for being ‘different’. Now they wouldn’t learn THAT from us!


  2. NInety per cent of the big fish in the ocean have disappeared, and we ‘re still having to convince ‘homo sapiens’ to stop the killing. Homo sapiens we are NOT!


  3. no no no no no no……


  4. we only “think” we are civilized, no? sigh….:(


    • But of course: All human civilization is based upon stories, with one goal in mind: to trick the customer into believing that your “snake oil” is worth more than you know it is…better yet isn’t… How civilized is that… Thanks for the feedback!


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