Essential 1 (a poetic thought, by George-b)

Santa Ana River Rest Bench

Santa Ana River Rest Bench

Essential 1 (a poetic thought, by George-b)

My being was hungry today:
My eyes avidly took in every sight
My ears listened, and listened  to large itunes playlist
“What’s up?”, “Firewood”, hundred other songs
My nose grasped every scent – the freshly cut grass,
The dogs beach, the beer smelling sun block lotion
My skin froze and then it thaw, and then it dried again

Inside my head, I feel the making of today’s memories

A squirrel held me by my hand,
took the almond offered,
with delicate grace, almost human…

Yes I made it all about myself today….

Tomorrow,  will tomorrow remember me?

8 responses to “Essential 1 (a poetic thought, by George-b)

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    Tomorrow will remember for the memory of you and your day is
    written with a wonderful flow grace’s energy…
    I have so enjoyed wandering through your thoughts and posts…
    Thank you for sharing…
    Take Care,…
    You Matter…


  2. Normally poetry bores me, but not yours. I think it’s because you lay something familiar before my feet.


    • Thanks Kenton, Very kind of you to share your thought: I try to keep it real, closer to human collective experience, that some of us forget to contemplate during a breather, or at any other given time. Times keep us busy beyond humanity, I think, and it is important to make the best of simplicity, without being simplistic, but, as you so poetically put it to lay at your audience’s feet the familiar, as a uniquely perceived representation of collective experience neither male nor female, young or all, just the very core of our collective, archaic inherited commonality.
      Thanks again for your commtent, it is an honor!


  3. Beautiful words. I love how you describe what each sense experienced, thus making the reader feel they were actually there. 🙂


  4. Yes it will hear the making of tomorrows memories!
    Beautiful poem George.


    • Thank you Marina, I thought about the complexity of the Pure and Simple, so to speak, and about you , my friends, whom I want to share som eof the highlights of the days! Thank you fo r your kind assessment, I’m glad you liked it!


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