Day 137 Giving and Serving makes our life meaningful. What else have you done today?

Wonderful vision: I know how it feels to have birds or ground sqirrels feed from your fingers! everybody should try it!


Dando y Sirviendo hace que nuestra vida tenga sentido. Que haz hecho hoy por otro?

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4 responses to “Day 137 Giving and Serving makes our life meaningful. What else have you done today?

  1. I have only started the day so haven’t done much and haven’t done ‘what else’ yet. lol
    I think giving and serving can be about things that are small. Just being quiet when a mate needs you to be still is important. So for today I am going to try to be more sensitive to moods. 🙂

    Then tomorrow I can go back to gripping……..


    • As long as you are in charge of the horse you’re riding, is OK! Still if it takes you where you don’t want to go get off quick….or close your eyes and let him take you places…If, God Willing you’re back safely, still you owe him a lump of sugar, a scrubbin’, a bucket of water, and always take that saddle off, for the night! 🙂 The truth is we’re like any other creature: as long as we remember that we can have the right attitude; we are not entitled, God did not made us kings, but servants…kings are servants too, even is drunk with power!


  2. Beautiful! One of the things I do every day is to have a fresh big bowl of water outside my gate for thirsty dogs and cats… and the birds drink it too, in spite of having a bird bath!


    • There is no intended separation between us and the rest of creation: We created it: We live in the at the mezzanine in a building with basement and an Upper room! But, we can always visit the other floors…in reverence!


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