Every thing depends on likes or dislikes

This is what wars are good for: Create chaos, Hell on Earth, in the name of self appointed demons, not Gods, not the people!

advocatemmmohan aksharaalu

constant conflicts 

difference opinions

departs the unity of the family

vested interests

growing of dependency

leads to distructions of the family 



destroy the unit of the family


privacy of private lives

demands for separation of the family

For the death of  King Karna , 100 curses worked out

For the death of Joint family, few reasons are enough

human psychology is more complicated than the cyclone/hurricane/tornado  

Every thing depends on likes or dislikes

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2 responses to “Every thing depends on likes or dislikes

  1. Actually the Bhagavadgita would have told us how to be like a knight (an archer) in war (and probably this true) but I agree with you about your vision on this theme. Sadly…


    • Well Pierluigi, we know we have been on a childish conquest (the subdue our original and only real parent we have, and to destroy our only home we know! It is time for humankind to grow up! Thanks for your comment!
      The existing Futility of the ways we have conducted ourselves so far in thee world, as a species, will change only when we will realize that it is up to us, individually, only us, to change them! No philosophy will do that: we have the instinct and the reason on our side, and money cannot buy either!


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