Today’s Birthday: F. SCOTT FITZGERALD (1896)


F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896)

An American novelist and short-story writer, Fitzgerald was the literary spokesman of the “jazz age” of the 1920s. The characters in his books—which include This Side of ParadiseThe Beautiful and the Damned, and his masterpiece, The Great Gatsby—lead madcap, gin-drenched, spiritually bankrupt lives that closely resemble his own. In his later years, Fitzgerald was plagued by financial worries and his wife’s insanity. Why might he have lied about having tuberculosis? More… Discuss

Who didn’t read F Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘A Diamond as Big as the Ritz’ or ‘The Great Gatsby’ at uni?

Not in for any Eng Lit course but for the sheer Jazz Age excess expressed in the stories. And of course for the delicious writing – like creme brulee.

Curiously though and when I think back, I had absolutely no mental image of either the writer or his wife.

Apart from photographs, I was stunned to find so much film footage!

So, Zelda as a young woman and walking about rather saucily and hip-swinging in a garden.

A little older and playing gaily about in a street.

The couple with daughter Frances and in a garden.

On the Riviera

And in a cafe.

And finally, F Scott Fitzgerald working on ‘The Great Gatsby’.

Happily, my visual memory bank of the gilded and alcoholic couple is now full to overflowing!

American nation was founded on the Word of God. Except for the rich who have gone to America with thoughts of expansion, in ev-middle, many dedicated Christians have fled the path Inchizition. Christian values were found later in the U.S. Constitution and are the basis of any democratic society. 
Now, however, these values are violated or replaced. Behind them are hiding more and more opportunistic.
U.S. Constitution to gradually give up those values, which are not just to protect people and society of individual and global consequences of sin. 
When will people realize this will be too late if it is not already.

The Great Gatsby (7/9) Movie CLIP – Rich Girls Don’t Marry Poor Boys (1974) HD


2 responses to “Today’s Birthday: F. SCOTT FITZGERALD (1896)

  1. What a coincidence! We just watched The Great Gatsby last night! I had no idea today was FSF’s birthday. The film has held up very well through the years. I also look forward to the new version of it. Fantastic book. One of my very favorites.


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