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L’italiano ( l asciatemi cantare ) Toto Cotugno – lyrics

Story Challenge: Letter “O”

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Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “O”? For example I’ve written about the “OCCUPY WALL STREET” movement or OVID, the Olympic Games and optimism, owls and oranges, observation and orthodoxy, ovens and oceans, Obama and Osaka, Oldsmobile and Olivetti, Ohio and Oslo, Opel and Oia, Oprah Winfrey and Oliver Twist, about two otters and about one ox etc. – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “O”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “O”!!!


Accra Shepp OWS
title: FREEDOM OF SPEECH – photo by Patti / Patricia Fogarty
I like the photo documents of Patti / Patricia Fogarty shot in New York. She caught wonderful smiling faces in Manhattan: “ONE DAY IN A CITY” – but also riot police: arresting photographers who tried…

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Liquid Nitrogen In Drink Results in Stomach Being Removed To Save Teenage Girl

If you have a stomach for it: Why do so many youngsters that life’s pure experiment, in which they are NOT involved directly?


Liquid nitrogen cocktails have become the rage in bars and parties. However, a teenage girl Gaby Scanlon has shown the dangers of the gas after her stomach was removed after drinking a cocktail containing liquid nitrogen.

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9 october 1940 – A Legend is born : JOHN LENNON.

today’s Birthday: John Lennon!


Indeed, it reminds me of the fellow who severed his own arm, after having been pinned for several days under a boulder, in Colorado in the desert, and was not found by the search and rescue party: Indeed, what a character!

Bright, shiny objects!


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Love your heart, care for it:

Desired Measurements (blood pressure) for Ms. Heart:
Systolic: 90–119
Diastolic; 60–79, with a rate range of 69-100.
(depending on age, gender, and type of activity undertaken)
One thing that cannot hurt is reducing table salt, and other sodium salts (present in canned foods) intake. There are lower Sodium table salt brands at the market, with mixtures of 25:75, 50:50, 75:25 and 100% Sodium: Potassium Chloride mixture Under medical supervision you should be able to lower you blood pressure, and loose few pounds while at it (since Sodium also has the property of making one retain water, to regulate the viscosity of your blood) it is the reason fro which to make cream thicker we add a pinch (of a ton) of salt (results guaranteed).

Rehabilitate Your Heart

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all art aspires…

Lovely ideas become immortal!

Marina Kanavaki

All Art Aspires Towards the Condition of Music

quote by Walter Pater

An essay on ‘The School of Giorgione’ (Fortnightly Review, 1877), added to the third edition (1888), contains Pater’s much-quoted maxim “All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music” (i.e. the arts seek to unify subject matter and form, and music is the only art in which subject and form are seemingly one). The final paragraphs of the 1868 William Morris essay were included as the book’s ‘Conclusion’.”

quoted from Wikipedia®

This is a poster I did a long long time ago, inspired by those words…

poster “All Art Aspires…” 1991 © marina kanavaki

Technique: Mixed media & digital process

Original size: 70x100cm


  SHOP All Art Aspires… ART PRINT HERE                                                                                         

[museum quality printing and framing]

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Anonymous Philippines

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Anyone is free to copy the following images

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“~ October Morning ~ morning of October” Collection Pieces lyrical Girokku

  • From:  http://www.youtube.com/user/rithm55: 

“Morning of October · · · · · · freely enjoy … mind chatter and bird … wind will embrace you … close your eyes to the whisper of the trees … the windows open”

What Autumn Brings: (Leroy Anderson – Forgotten Dreams, Vivaldy The Four Seasons (Autumn 3/4)

What Autumn Brings  (by George-B)

Today I went, as usual,  for my  4 miles workout. I realized that autumn is getting a hold in the land.  More than likely the dark gray rain clouds  moving in from the ocean contributed to my feelings: “It’s autumn all around”, I thought to myself, then I noticed the tree leaves and their colors, and felt the colder than usual breeze… Only the Passion flowers, seemed to be unaffected by all this new trends: they were just as they used to be back in July – full of promise of unattainable passion, which bees always fall for , in their perpetual search for nectar,  untiring work of producing honey for their hives, and for the rest of the planet… “Do they know”, I asked myself, “do they know how important they are, how loved by so many, how respected?”
As a sudden I found myself humming Leroy Anderson‘s  “Forgotten Dreams”, and I knew I had to head back home, and blog about all these experiences.

I also took some photographs: I hope you’ll enjoy them, and the music, and…Autumn, as it moves in for an entire season.

You are going to ask me what does all this has to do with Vivaldi:  Well everything, considering his take on Autumn. 


Welcome to the Devils Island: Papillon

Quotation: W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) on weakness of pripnciples

The most useful thing about a principle is that it can always be sacrificed to expediency.

W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: ALFRED DREYFUS (1859)


Alfred Dreyfus (1859)

In 1894, French Army intelligence discovered that military secrets were being leaked to Germany. Dreyfus, a Jewish captain in the French Army, was blamed and convicted—twice—on insufficient and forged evidence. He was imprisoned on Devil’s Island. The affair became a national scandal amid reports that the army, permeated by anti-Semitism, had covered up evidence of his innocence. He was pardoned by the president in 1899 and cleared by a civilian court in 1906. Who was probably the real traitor? More… Discuss


This day in the Yesteryear: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA PREMIERS IN LONDON (1986)


The Phantom of the Opera Premiers in London (1986)

Based on the French novel Le Fantôme de l’Opéra, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical The Phantom of the Opera opened at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London in 1986. In 2010, it celebrated its 10,000th performance at the same venue. It opened in New York in 1988, and went on to become the longest-running musical on Broadway. It is also the most financially successful entertainment project of all time, having earned billions of dollars. What is the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera? More… Discuss



Nuclear Technology Being Used to Sterilize Pests

Scientists have found a novel use for nuclear technology that may help improve crop yields while reducing our reliance on pesticides:insect sterilization. When sterile male insects are released into the wild, they compete with wild males for females and reduce the next generation’s population as a result. In regions where it has been deployed, the Sterile Insect Technology, which utilizes radioactive cobalt-60 to sterilize a variety of species, has had promising results. For example, in Croatia’s Neretva river delta, farmers saw a 75 percent drop in damage to their citrus crops after millions of sterilized male fruit flieswere released there. More… Discuss