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Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream (US) (1993) (Full Album) – A Rare Treat!

[0:00] 1. Cherub Rock
[4:58] 2. Quiet
[8:40] 3. Today
[12:00] 4. Hummer
[18:57] 5. Rocket
[23:04] 6. Disarm
[26:21] 7. Soma
[33:02] 8. Geek U.S.A.
[38:15] 9. Mayonaise
[44:05] 10. Spaceboy
[48:34] 11. Silverfuck
[57:17] 12. Sweet Sweet
[58:56] 13. Luna

Leonard Cohen – Dance Me to the End Of Love.

And the old coolest kid on the blog!

Simple & interesting

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Regina Spektor – Fidelity.

Coolest kid on the blog!

Simple & interesting

Another request from my friends ! Enjoy !

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Tell Me About Yourself Award

Tell Me About Yourself Award

1. Thanking  Maarit-Johanna

Thank you for nominating my blog for Tell Me About Yourself Award Maarit-Johanna: (from one left-handed fortunate person to another).  I love your passion for history, for archaeology  for the things that went forgotten and needed rediscovery:  I’t beautiful and fun. Thank you for this, and the several past nominations you so graciously sent my way 

2. Seven things about me that I haven’t shared

  1.  I’m a fisherman in recovery: Now I’d rather by cycling! (big difference isn’t it?)
  2. I adore the smell of freshly cut grass as it’s carried by the wind: anytime, anywhere.
  3. The more I share what I like, the more I get to enjoy it
  4. People: Please make more left-handed utensils (got it?)
  5. Were french fries your first ever favorite food too?
  6. Each morning I wonder, and hope that it will last another day!
  7. I find life to be an irreplaceable gift

3. Nominate 7 bloggers

1. Pani Peonia

2.  marina kanavaki

3. frizztext

4. valeriedavies

5.  firstandfabulous

6. desertrose

7. mottledthrush

Congratulations friends! :-)

Today’s Birthday: MARY HENRIETTA KINGSLEY (1862)

Mary Henrietta Kingsley (1862)

Kingsley was an English explorer and writer who challenged and influenced European ideas about Africa. Following the deaths of her parents, Kingsley travelled to West Africa to complete her father’s unfinished book. There, she studied local customs and explored uncharted territory. Returning to her native England, she criticized missionary efforts and defended traditional African culture—including aspects such as polygamy. Another female explorer introduced her to what murderous tribal custom? More… Discuss


Stroke Rate Rising among the Young

Although the overall stroke rate is dropping, the rate of stroke in younger people is increasing. About one in five stroke victims is now below the age of 55. In 1993, just 13 percent of stroke victims fell into this age group. Improved detection techniques could account for some of this shift, but rising risk factors like diabetesobesity, and high cholesterol likely also played a role. Experts say the findings highlight the importance of lowering one’s risk by living healthfully and having regular medical checkups. More… Discuss




A funicular is a steep passenger railway whose cars are pulled by cables, often up the side of a mountain. Funiculars usually have two counterbalanced cars, so that as one ascends, the other descends. The funicular must therefore have at least one section of track where the cars can pass each other. Such railways are found around the world. Some are scenic attractions, while others are used in public transport. Which funicular was repeatedly destroyed by the volcano upon which it was built? More… Discuss


Euzicasa: My first Liebster Blog Award

Liebster Award

My blog was nominated for the “Liebster Award by Gragos Calinescu  @ http://dragoscalinescu.wordpress.com, Honor for which I am very thankful:

Thank you Dragos!

Acestea sant intrebarile la care voi incerca sa raspund in modul cel mai pertinent cu putinta (referire la “Intrebari la care s-a raspuns, intrebari la care nu s-a raspuns inca” puse candva ….in secolul raposat!)

1. Cat timp ai putea sa stai fara telefon mobil si internet?

  • Raspuns: depinde daca sant treaz, sau daca dorm mai putin de trei minute!

2. Ce ai alege intre a fi tuns chel sau a avea parul albastru?

  • Daca m-as trezi cu parul albastru, m-as tunde chel imediat. Apoi as schimba toate clantele la toate usile… Imediat!

3. Care a fost cea mai haioasa intalnire, si aici ma refer la un date  ?

  • O, da, mi-aduc aminte…dar vag, nu vreau sa induc pe nimeni in eroare: fosta sotie: de ce? pentru ca i-am cerut mana, char dupa ce a servit…peste, si mi-a dat-o (temporar, ce-i drept…nu-i stramb)

4. Care este mirosul pe care nu il suporti?

  • Cred ca am raspuns, deplin, in raspunsul precedent…peste?

5. Consideri cumva ca mai exista un program interesant la televizor?

  • Da, dar trebuie sa il vizionezi cu televizorul desconectat, si bateriile scoase. Un tricou, sau o rochie lunga, ar fi o decoratie foarte placuta si ar conduce la o experienta si mai profunda!

6.Cat de veche este perechea ta preferata de blugi?

  • Cred ca ar fi…50 de ani, daca nu as i-as fi inmormantat, sub cerul (care nu era prea liber pe atunci, nu vreau sa divulg provenienta, pentru a apara, vinovatii de redeschiderea unui proces, acum de mult inmormnatat si el!)

7. Numeste prima poezie invatata

SI DACA�Si daca ramuri bat în geam
Si se cutremur plopii,
E ca în minte sa te am
Si-ncet sa te apropii.
Si daca stele bat în lac
Adâncu-i luminându-l,
E ca durerea mea s-o-mpac
Inseninându-mi gândul.
Si daca norii desi se duc
De iese-n luciu luna,
E ca aminte sa-mi aduc
De tine-ntotdeuna.
(1883, 13/15 noiembrie)

8. De ce crezi ca barbatii isi dezvelesc/mangaie burta in public?

  • Pentru a dovedi inca o data, si fare indoiala: dragostea nu numai ca incepe in stomac, dar isi face cuibul…acolo)

9. Care este cea mai frumoasa amintire cu parintii sau familia ta?

  • Seara cand au cantat impreuna, la moliftul frumos Din an in An, o colinda cutremurator de frumoasa, care fusese interzisa pe vremea aia: de aceea au cantat-o in soapta, cu atat mai mult cu cat peretii aveau urechi…)

10.Esti dispus sa faci compromisuri pentru cei dragi?

  • Compromisurile nu au dus niciodata la nimic bun: In absenta iubirea este singurul sentiment fara compromis!

Nominez pe urmatorii pentru Liebster Award:

Following are the 10 questions for the nominees (they can be answered in any language that can be translated with Google, Bing or any other translation platform):

  1. Enumerate 10 positive events experienced by you each month, this year including October)
  2. What is  your favorite pet?
  3. From all the colors, which one do you like best (use the color chart in your toolbox) and reply by using that color for your lettering).
  4. What is your favorite sport:  no not the one you watch on TV but rather the one you practice?
  5. Except for emergencies: would you rather wake up with, or without an alarm clock?
  6. What is the first song you remember, the one that you feel as if you have known always?
  7. What was the reason that made you become a blogger?
  8. What makes you keep blogging?
  9. What is you favorite junk food: When was the last time you had some of it?
  10. What kind of edible mushrooms do you like most and why?

Good luck dear friends:

Spread it thick,

spread it wide,

make it last,

make it matter!