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Expanding the Debate on U.S. Middle East Policy: Jill Stein & Rocky Anderson Discuss Iraq

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Democracy Now! exclusive “Expanding the Debate” series brings third party candidates live into the presidential debate. See http://www.democracynow.orgfor more information.

Democracy Now! expands the presidential debate on foreign policy to allow third party candidates, Green Party’s Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party, to answer the same questions asked to President Obama and Mitt Romney in real time. 

This answer was in response to a question asked about policy for the Middle East, on Iraq in particular. 

Watch additional video clips from tonight’s special debate show in our YouTube playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLneypbodq-jZ8Is-j1mrNPhiEZoVQ17Ni

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My Entry For World’s Fastest Pianist Competition ( LOL! ) Godowsky Die Fledermaus Lisitsa

Word from Valentina: ‘WARNING, WARNING – “competing” in music , no matter in what discipline : fastest , loudest, cleanest , octavest, trilliest, jumpiest, double-notiest…. IS THE SILLIEST THING, OK ? MUSIC IS NEVER ABOUT COMPETITION
Godowsky Symphonic Metamorphoses on Themes by Johann Strauss: No. 2, Die Fledermaus 
Rightly called “one of the most complicated stunts ever written for piano”, this piece probably has more notes per second, or per square centimeter of sheet music, than anything comparable. For those listeners impatient enough to “endure” a few minutes of most delightful and inventive music , and just interested in world record in speed ( LOL again ) , just scroll to @ 6:00” , fasten your seat belts  and don’t complain about ” speeded-up and fast forwarded” video. It happens to be live and with quite a few witnesses 🙂
Godowsky called his paraphrase “Symphonic Metamorphosis on Strauss’ Fledermaus”. It is a contrapuntal piece, though it has nothing to do with fugues or Bach &Co. It just means that he first develops Strauss’ tunes by bending and misshaping them to his heart’s desire, and then he combines all of them — running independent of each other in rhythm and contours — into just two hands (or is it six hands like in this video — that would explain a lot ). 
It is not a fun piece to play ( oh no!) — it is a supremely fun piece to play with . Don’t try it at home though 🙂
To put all of it in perspective , and to give us all a reality check — here is a delightful story . Joseph Hoffmann ( who is one of my absolutely favorite pianists and heroes ) overheard Godowsky working on composing this piece , when he was his guest. Next week he performed it, every note and such — with no mistakes. The piece was not yet written down! What can I say? OMG I can only take solace in knowing Hoffmann was a lousy sight-reader…. LOL 🙂
PS. Just for the record , this piece happens to be a perfect example of so-called jeu perlé technique : light , detached finger staccato technique , with each note separated like pearls on a string …’

Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody #12. Practice Run. Valentina Lisitsa.

Valentina Lisitsa plays Liszt’s ‘Totentanz’

Totentanz (English: Dance of the Dead): Paraphrase on Dies irae, S.126, is the name of a symphonic piece for solo piano and orchestra by Franz Liszt, which is notable for being based on the Gregorian plainchant melody Dies Irae as well as for daring stylistic innovations. The piece was originally planned in 1838 and completed in 1849; it was then revised twice, however, in 1853 and 1859.

Some of the titles of Liszt’s pieces, such as Totentanz, FunéraillesLa lugubre gondolaPensée des morts, etc., show the composer’s fascination with death. In the young Liszt we can already observe manifestations of his obsession with death, with religion, and with heaven and hell. According to Alan Walker,[1] Liszt frequented Parisian “hospitals, gambling casinos and asylums” in the early 1830s, and he even went down into prison dungeons in order to see those condemned to die.

The Dance of Death (Totentanz) from Liber Chronicarum [Nuremberg Chronicle], 1493, attr. to Hans Holbein the Younger

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Valentina Lisitsa
Valentina Lisitsa beside a piano
Pianist Valentina Lisitsa during an interview in Leiden, Netherlands
Background information
Born 1973
Genres Classical
Occupations Classical Pianist
Instruments Piano
Website www.valentinalisitsa.com

Valentina Lisitsa (Ukrainian: Валентина Лисиця, translit. Valentyna Lysytsya,) is a Ukrainian-born classical pianist. Lisitsa resides in North Carolina in the USA.[1][2] She is among the most frequently viewed pianists on YouTube.[citation needed] Lisitsa has followed a truly unique path to success, launching her career via social media, without initially signing to a tour promoter or record company.

Totentanz is now available on “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” DVD! get your copy today at Amazon.com 

3) A story about Tiger in a little Jar


This 1-inch diameter Jar clawing with tiger doesn’t harm you, it doesn’t make any complaint until your muscle is yelling or nose is blocking.  It becomes a tiger that eases your pain and calms your vein.

The Jar captures an insight story about Assiduousness, a story about two brothers, Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par, whom took over the business from their herbalist father, Aw Chu Kin in the 1870s. They founded “Tiger Balm Gardens” in 1930, one in Singapore (the well known Haw Par Villa), and the other in Hong Kong.  During the olden days, Haw Par Villa is a must visit mythology theme park for family outdoor event during weekends or public holidays.  The Chinese mythology figures are good means of teaching traditional Chinese values.

Aw Boon “Haw” literally meant “Tiger” in Chinese and Aw Boon “Par” literally translated as “Leopard”…

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Political Graffiti (211): CCTV

To create the perfect lie control all viewpoints…Then suppress them!

Exercise Protects Aging Brains Better

Multivitamins May Help Prevent Cancer

W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965): Concealment (Moon and Sixpence0

No affectation of peculiarity can conceal a commonplace mind.

W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) Discuss

Franz Liszt – Hungarian Rhapsody no.2

Marc-Andre Hamelin plays Liszt’s ‘Waldesrauschen’

Today’s Birthday: FRANZ LISZT (1811)

Franz Liszt (1811)

Liszt was a revolutionary figure of romantic music. Born in Hungary, he made his debut at age 9 and studied in Vienna with Salieri. After his father’s death and a disastrous love affair, he almost gave up music for the priesthood. Nevertheless, “Lisztomania” swept Europe in the 1840s, and Liszt enthralled audiences with his astounding technique and grand, dramatic style of playing. Thereafter, he taught and composed prolifically. In 1861, he nearly married a princess but was thwarted—by what? More… Discuss

Liszt’s Paganini Etude S.161 No.3 “La Campanella” (Vladimir Mischouk)

Daniel Barenboim plays the famous Liebestraume by Franz Liszt.



The Panchatantra is a collection of fables that are among the most widely-known animal stories in the world. The original Sanskrit work, now lost, may have been written down in India as early as 100 BCE. It then spread throughout the ancient world. A textbook created for instructing the three sons of a king, it contains morals that glorify shrewdness over altruism. One story concerns a war between crows and owls. When a crow defects to join the owls and is accepted by them, what happens? More… Discuss