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Lawrence Lessig standing at a podium with a microphone, with a laptop computer in front of him.

Lawrence Lessig in front of a laptop labeled “free culture”

The free culture movement is a social movement that promotes the freedom to distribute and modify creative works in the form offree content[1][2] by using the Internet and other forms of media.

The movement objects to overly-restrictive copyright laws. Many members of the movement argue that such laws hinder creativity. They call this system “permission culture“.[3]

Creative Commons is a well-known website which was started by Lawrence Lessig. It lists licenses that permit sharing under various conditions, and also offers an online search of various creative-commons-licensed productions.

Get his book for free as PDF at:

Get his book for free as PDF at:

Get his book for free as PDF at:

A presentation given by Stanford Law professor and founder of Creative Commons, Lawrence Lessig, about his book “Free Culture”.
OSCON July 24, 2002

1- Creativity and innovation always builds on the past.
2- The past always tries to control the creativity that builds upon it.
3- Free societies enable the future by limiting the past.
4.- Ours is less and less a free society.

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