This Day in the Yesteryear: HENRY VII IS CROWNED KING OF ENGLAND (1485)

Henry VII Is Crowned King of England (1485)

As a noble from the House of Lancaster, Henry fled England when the rival House of York triumphed in 1471. He later returned, rallied his supporters, and defeated Richard III in 1485. He then married Elizabeth of York and ended the Wars of the Roses between the two houses. Plots against him persisted, and two years later, Yorkists rebelled in support of Lambert Simnel, a boy they claimed was the Earl of Warwick. The rebellion was crushed by Henry’s forces. What did Henry do with young Lambert? More… Discuss


4 responses to “This Day in the Yesteryear: HENRY VII IS CROWNED KING OF ENGLAND (1485)

  1. Actually, Elizabeth Tudor was one of England’s greatest rulers, and a humane one at that, who wouldn’t allow her subjects to be persecuted for their religion ( probably the only monarch then and later who didn’t) saying there should be no windows into people’s souls.
    England was a mess when Henry V11 assumed the throne, and he restored it to order and prosperity. People are always grateful for that, regardless of legitimacy…


    • That is very true, especially since countries are relating to each other, with their own agendas, and ambition to rule the world. Thanks for your insightful comment Valerie,


  2. And so begins the Tudor dynasty, the one that really had no legitimate claim to much of anything except having a better army. But then again, that’s the way it always is.


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