Angel Cover – by Laura & Tereza

Laura and Tereza singing Angel by Sarah Mclachlan

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8 responses to “Angel Cover – by Laura & Tereza

  1. Ah, and thus we being the holidays. Lovely!
    Thank you, George.


  2. Hi! I’ve been nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award” for your very good. You are free to accept or not. Best Greetings.


  3. Hi George! How are you? I had noticed you hadn’t posted recently and hoped all was well.
    Lovely festive song.
    (I did a little video last year where I sang that acapella with impressionist style paintings of Christmas emblems.) I’ve always loved the Judy Garland version in “Meet Me In St Louis”.


  4. Already ?
    Saucasăzicaşa : deja ? 😀
    Oricum, prefereata mea în materie de melodii de X-mas rămâne :


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