A Soros-Made “New World Order” Takes Shape at the UN

gold the color of mustard!


From ‘nsnbc’, by Wayne Madsen (Strategic Culture Foundation).

There is so much supporting evidence on the Internet, that I find it amazing that so few people are aware of current world trends in the setting up of a World Government (NWO).

Many that are aware, have difficulty in comprehending such undemocratic processes being introduced and gaining acceptance by countries’ leaders. I too cannot believe such a state being ‘born’ and put into action, from a human moral and ethics point of view. In the same way that I couldn’t conceive a militant attack on a private home and innocent people being murdered. The sort of thing that should only happen in movies! But no!, it’s a real life scenario.

If one reads the internet news, we learn that such things are really happening. Not any doubt about the authenticity of the reports. To reach a belief about the…

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2 responses to “A Soros-Made “New World Order” Takes Shape at the UN

  1. I don’t know enough about this subject to analyse it, but I do know that George Soros was thirteen when Nazi forces occupied Hungary, and that as a Jew he was not a Nazi collaborator; and that from the 1970′s onwards he was providing funds to assist black African students to attend university under apartheid.
    He does not sound like a megalomaniac power broker in his activities I’ve read about.


    • Valerie, I’m sure what you have read abut this subject is accurate… I’m sure that as member of the higher order of the world champions he has done a lot of good. I’m sure he will never stop to do so.


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