November fog (poetic thought by George B)

November fog

(poetic thought by George B)

Love is a smudge of a hand,

on the  foggy  window

smelling of fog, of a cold November night

making its way through the layers of coats

overcoats,  and to cling to skin and bones in a solid embrace – brrrrrrrrr  rhythmically –

 for few long minutes, dripping on the rugs

with a washing like motions hands reach for heat

almost into the fireplace’s wood fire,

while the fog dissipates. 

8 responses to “November fog (poetic thought by George B)

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  4. December is almost like November here… 🙂 I’ve always loved autumn(fall)…
    Friendly greetings & my very best…


  5. I have nominated you for the Blog of the Year 2012.Please see the rules at my post :


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