Rudimentary, my dear Watson! So late after the invention of the product with no public health in mind….How in the world got such infested design get approved, without a seal, to protect the top, from contamination, re-contamination, cross-contamination? The same for twist-to-open “bear” type caps, and the contamination deposited under between the cap and the bottle.
Great reminder, thank you!

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  1. Hmmmmm, I have always out of habit washed the tops of cans before I open them. Thinking about them sitting in warehouses with lord knows what walking over it, spilling onto it, etc , etc. Leptospirosis is a nasty disease that can be prevented by simple washing with soap and water. I use a 10% bleach cleaning solution in my kitchen. LOL, my mother calls it obsessive,I call it logical. Truthfully though I never gave the lip under the bottle cap a thought, reason being my concern was more for the vermin aspect than the accumulation of bacterium. .I guess when I have them I will be washing those also,lol


    • Thanks for sharing desertrose, I too use sodium hypochlorite 10%. It is the most effective sterilizing product, and the higher concentration keep it from decomposing, and loosing its properties. I always rinse afterwards under running water.


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