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Quotation: John Milton on Peace Listen to “Paradise Lost”

Where peace
And rest can never dwell, hope never comes
That comes to all.


John Milton (1608-1674) Discuss

Published on Feb 9, 2013


PARADISE LOST by John Milton – FULL AudioBook | Greatest Audio Books
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Chapter listing and length:

Paradise Lost: 01 — Book One, Part 1 — 00:25:15
Read by: Owen

Paradise Lost: 02 — Book One, Part 2 — 00:25:48
Read by: J A Carter

Paradise Lost: 03 — Book Two, Part 1 — 00:24:04
Read by: Kirsten Ferreri

Paradise Lost: 04 — Book Two, Part 2 — 00:29:17
Read by: Cori Samuel

Paradise Lost: 05 — Book Three, Part 1 — 00:19:08
Read by: Greg Bryant

Paradise Lost: 06 — Book Three, Part 2 — 00:21:13
Read by: Greg Bryant

Paradise Lost: 07 — Book Four, Part 1 — 00:32:25
Read by: Catharine Eastman

Paradise Lost: 08 — Book Four, Part 2 — 00:29:58
Read by: Cori Samuel

Paradise Lost: 09 — Book Five, Part 1 — 00:21:54
Read by: Clayton J. Smith

Paradise Lost: 10 — Book Five, Part 2 — 00:25:00
Read by: J A Carter

Paradise Lost: 11 — Book Six, Part 1 — 00:19:24
Read by: Rosalind Wills

Paradise Lost: 12 — Book Six, Part 2 — 00:27:53
Read by: Eric Ray

Paradise Lost: 13 — Book Seven, Part 1 — 00:37:26
Read by: Onjana Yawnghwe

Paradise Lost: 14 — Book Seven, Part 2 — 00:36:24
Read by: hefyd

Paradise Lost: 15 — Book Eight, Part 1 — 00:26:39
Read by: Greg Bryant

Paradise Lost: 16 — Book Eight, Part 2 — 00:35:38
Read by: Greg Bryant

Paradise Lost: 17 — Book Nine, Part 1 — 00:32:35
Read by: hefyd

Paradise Lost: 18 — Book Nine, Part 2 — 00:28:19
Read by: hefyd

Paradise Lost: 19 — Book Ten, Part 1 — 00:37:28
Read by: Kurt Wong

Paradise Lost: 20 — Book Ten, Part 2 — 00:45:28
Read by: J A Carter

Total running time: 9:41:16 
This is a Librivox recording. All Librivox recordings are in the public domain. For more information or to volunteer visit librivox.org.
This video: Copyright 2013. Greatest Audio Books. All Rights Reserved.

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Helen Gurley Brown (1922)

Propelled to fame by her 1962 bestseller Sex and the Single Girl, Brown became editor-in-chief of the struggling Cosmopolitanmagazine. By directing the magazine toward single, young career women and by being an outspoken advocate of women’s sexual freedom, she not only revived the publication but also played a part in the sexual revolution. By the end of her 32-year tenure withCosmopolitan, the magazine ranked sixth at the newsstand but first in what other kind of store? More… Discuss


This Day in the Yesteryear: THE AGE OF KALI YUGA BEGINS (3102 BCE)

The Age of Kali Yuga Begins (3102 BCE)

In Hindu scripture, the age of Kali Yuga is the last of the four cyclic stages of the world and is currently ongoing. It is thought to have begun on the same day that Krishna left the Earth and is said to be marked by greed and murder. The scriptures predict that during Kali Yuga, unreasonable rulers will impose burdensome taxes and people will migrate to wheat-producing countries, become addicted to alcohol, and exhibit flexible morals. How long is the age expected to last? More…Discuss


Psych Drugs Dosing Fish

In recent years, scientists and environmentalists have grown increasingly concerned over the levels of pharmaceuticals reaching our waterways, and it appears they have cause to be. Captive perchexposed to the tranquilizing drug oxazepam at levels equivalent to those found in rivers and streams ate faster, were less social, and were bolder than those whose tanks were not dosed. These behavioral changes occurred when the fish were exposed to just one drug. Thus, it would stand to reason that even greater behavioral changes are occurring in wild fish, which are constantly exposed a slew of pharmaceuticals. More… Discuss




Known scientifically as “involuntary musical imagery,” an earworm is a fragment of music that compulsively replays in one’s head. The phenomenon, which is distinct from auditory hallucination and is believed to affect nearly everyone to some degree, has been studied by psychologists and neurologists alike. Some notable science fiction stories have concerned fictional songs so catchy that they get stuck in everyone’s head, destroying civilization. Do earworms last longer for men or women? More… Discuss


Liberty Park – Cerritos – Lincoln Bronze Statue.mp4

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Liberty Park Cerittos short movie in October

Liberty Park Cerritos Water Fountain and passion flowers


Turnbull Cyn Trail-Rattlesnake Ridge

Turnbull Cyn Trail-Rattlesnake Ridge

This trail is easily accessible and practicable on foot and on bike. On the map bellow you can see the distances, as well as the difficulty. You can have 2 hours of fun, no winding trails, starting with Turnbull Cyn. which is the easiest portion of the trip (1.6 mile). It is shaded by nice tall trees, some of them eucalypti. It can be jogged (if you’re in a hurry), or walked as slow as your hear desire. I notices a coyote, on  the hill  to left. I had a walking stick, which I would have used to scare it away, but there was no need for any of that.

Turnbull Canyon Map

Turnbull Canyon Map ( Hellman Wilderness Park)

I enjoyed the display showing a the flora and fauna of these hills and  was uplifted especially by the “Leave only Footprints” poster.

Turnbull Canyon Display: Flora, Fauna and regulations

Turnbull Canyon Display: Flora, Fauna and rules and regulations

Turnbull Canyon Display: Flora, Fauna and regulations

Turnbull Canyon Display: Flora, Fauna and regulations

Turnball Cyn - Sumac - Rattlesnake Trails-Map

Turnball Cyn – Sumac – Rattlesnake Trails-Map

Turnball Cyn Trail-1.6 miles

Turnball Cyn Trail-1.6 miles

NOw this here is a nice uphill of about 0.5 miles, also it makes a nice downhill too. I got some members of the group I was waling (some were jogging) with. We had a great time.

To Rattlesnake Ridge

To Rattlesnake Ridge uphill.

Rattlesnake Ridge Sign Post

Rattlesnake Ridge Sign Post

With all the signs in place not only you can’t get lost, but you can write home ( or blog) about the places you’ve seen: A real Veni, vidi, vici, kind of implement. Yes I got a bottle of water, glucose, but no, no raincoat (no way was it going to rain that day).

Rattlesnake Ridge Sign Post

Rattlesnake Ridge Sign Post

In a second trip I took the Pepper grass trail too, and than came around and back on the Rattlesnake Ridge trail top.

Dry tall grass and flowers

Dry tall grass and flowers

Sumac Trail-0.6 miles

Rose Hills Buddhist Columbarium

Sumac trail directional Sign post

Sumac trail directional Sign post

Returning from Rattlesnake, Sumac and on the way back to the turnball Canyon access gate