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Island of Loneliness - Rie Sinclair

Island of Loneliness – Rie Sinclair (Click to play this lovely song!)

Where do I go, when it’s all blown over,
Where do I start when it’s all gone to the dogs,
I am not bitter, I’m just trying to recover,
from my island of loneliness.
Where do I hide, from the careless words you speak,
I’m not immune, I just want to see beyond,
beyond my island of loneliness.
So what should I say, I hear the cannons fire in the distance,
is there a place for the tide to change my heart,
stop wasting time, collecting lines of girls, wake up out of it
in my arms, out of your island of loneliness

Rie Sinclair – Just You And Me (with lyrics)

Do I need to be invisible to just survive

Or am I foolishly wasting my time
Try so hard to quiet my expensive dreams
Before they take me out, leave me wondering

Baby, it’s just You & Me, we got a thing they cant shake
Maybe, it’s a little hard sometimes to take
But I’ll tell you something, its a life worth living
Just so you know, I wouldnt give it up, no.

Is it all a market war in this economy 
Filling up headlines with our fantasy
System fails hard & we fall apart sometimes
But then you pull me back with your quiet smile

More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/r/rie_sinclair/

Shivers (poetic thought by George-B)

Shivers (poetic thought by George-B)

Cold as a smudge on hands,

on the  fogged up  windows,
smelly fog of this foggy night in November
fog penetrating overcoats,  
clinging to skin and bones in a solid embrace –
few long minutes of rhythmic shaking–
dripping fog on rugs…

 with washing like motions hands reach for heat
nearly missing the flames’ dance in the fireplace,
while the evaporating fog dissipates 


UFO only You Can Rock Me

Album: Best of UFO: Gold Collection
Track #2
Year: 1999

Who’s taking time out, we’ll take a shine out
We’re the boys we got nothing to lose
I’ve had enough now of school and stuff now
If you ain’t with us then it’s just bad news

Only you can rock me, rock me
Come on back now do it again
Only you can rock me, rock me
Kicking out just like a hurrican

We can’t wait from day to day
Cuz we’ve got something to say
We can’t wait from day to day
Cuz we’ve got something to say

Come on the street now on every corner
Breaking out and we’re doing what we want to
Just like a jewel shines in the night
She burns so hot out under the street light


We are here and there’s no end
We keep on coming again
We are here and there’s no end
We just keep coming again


Who’s taking time out, we take a shine out
We’re the boys we got nothing to lose
I’ve had enough now of school

And stuff now
If you ain’t with us then it’s just bad news


We can’t wait from day to day
Cuz we’ve got something to say
We are here and there’s no end
We’ll keep on coming again

We can’t wait from day to day
Cuz we’ve got something to say
We are here and there’s no end
We’ll keep on coming again

Temperance Movement – Ain’t No Tellin’- Live At The Borderline 12/12/12 (On Ait on Planet Rock…NOW!)

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planet rock

planet rock: where rock lives

event horizon (poetic thought by George-B)

event horizon (poetic thought by George-B)

Point of no return…
Lives on the  downward spiral

Faster, faster, faster –
The event horizon ahead,
for sole destination
a captive perimeter, a vortex

blessing –
nowhere in sight

Game: Gravity Well
Title: Event Horizon
Composer: The Humble Brothers

The Rolling Stones-Play With Fire(1965)

Well, you’ve got your diamonds and you’ve got your pretty clothes
And the chauffeur drives your car
You let everybody know
But don’t play with me, ’cause you’re playing with fire

Your mother she’s an heiress, owns a block in Saint John’s Wood
And your father’d be there with her
If he only could
But don’t play with me, ’cause you’re playing with fire

Your old man took her diamond’s and tiaras by the score
Now she gets her kicks in Stepney
Not in Knightsbridge anymore
So don’t play with me, ’cause you’re playing with fire

Now you’ve got some diamonds and you will have some others
But you’d better watch your step, girl
Or start living with your mother
So don’t play with me, ’cause you’re playing with fire
So don’t play with me, ’cause you’re playing with fire

towed out (poetic thought by George_B)

towed out (poetic thought by George_B)

with time we leave 
behind memories,

while some evade,

some revisit now and then,
and some we’re towing out,
passing gravely, looking down,
to nothing in particular
sad  burden like towed out sailboats .



Repin Ilya Efimov
Self Portrait (1887)
Born 5 August 1844 
Ciuguev , Ukraine
Died 29 September 1930
(at 86 years) Kuokkala , Finland
Nationality Russian Russia
Artistic field Picture
Training Imperial Academy of Arts
Artistic movement Realism
Major works Ivan the Terrible and his son 
Zaporozhian Cossacks reply to Sultan Mehmed IV of the Ottoman Empire 
on the Volga Edecarii
Influenced by Rembrandt

(Access source)

If you do not vote you hurt yourself if you do not vote you hurtme Oh you mean to which party I should vote Choir Adriano: if do not vote you’re hurting They promise only lies Chorus Adriano: you’re hurting And now the policy is as sport Let’s cheer for who betrays us Chorus Adriano: if you do not vote you hurt no more harm to those governments women who leave are more than a hundred years in a women die Chorus + Adriano murdered (eco)From those husbands and fathers insane with jealousy Choir Adriano: if you do not vote you’re hurting Merde without an ounce of dignity Choir Adriano: dignity (echo) And then there’s the Molise region are killing Bombed like a gruyere Choir Adriano: you’re hurting from those ghosts wind that moves the wind Chorus Adriano: if you do not vote you’re hurting And if goes another piece of Italy is the end of landscapes Choir Adriano: if you do not vote you’re hurting But it seems that still is not enough to completely destroy the coveted federalism Other propellers on the blades will whirl Adriano (spoken) Of course not we can say that the time is not confused, while the shepherd to his flock save the earth-shaking scandals emerge unfortunately dangerous words, words like … amnesty. Chorus + Adriano: Tombstone (echo) And here it is obvious that politicians are light years away from what really understand the reasons for this crisis. Yet we walk on. Italy is now reduced to a concrete slab, equivalent to a funeral pall on which lurk the dangerous fine dust of corruption. So what do we do? There is no other way to resolve the crisis, we have to erase all that sad, tear up the bad straccerebbe Italy as a letter written by men liars and full of errors, but also full of deceit. So we can do is to rewrite the history of our country and do it all over again, ie rebuild it from scratch, rebuild it physically … again. If you do not vote does not change anything if you do not vote come back again Chorus Adriano: if you do not vote you’re hurting more evil than that they are stealing the world Chorus Adriano: you’re hurting But it is rumored that one of the parties there Chorus: there (echo) There is a new wave that has started from nothing and like an avalanche He is advancing like a storm to break down the corruption of the nationChorus: eee Choir Adriano: if you do not vote you hurt Eee until the City of Venice will not stop the monsters That giant floating ships that seem Horrible palaces What devastate the lagoon But politicians do not realize That when the beauty will die They will be the first to sink Choir Adriano: if you do not votes does not change anything Chorus: eee


Adriano Celentano canta la nuova canzone
Se non voti ti fai del male
 se non voti non cambia nientediCresy Crescenza Caradonna



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Hidden Agendas


Published on 19 Feb 2013

Important Video: http://youtu.be/_yy3YJBOw_o

Moon Water: http://phys.org/news/2013-02-moon.html
Less Snow, More Blizzards: http://phys.org/news/2013-02-climate-…
Mercury: http://www.universetoday.com/100084/t…

An Unlikely but Relevant Risk: The Solar Killshot:http://youtu.be/X0KJ_dxp170


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EL DORADO WORLD WEATHER MAP:http://www.eldoradocountyweather.com/…
TORCON: http://www.weather.com/news/tornado-t… [Tornado Forecast for the day]
HURRICANE TRACKER: http://www.weather.com/weather/hurric…

Precipitation Totals: http://www.cocorahs.org/ViewData/List…
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GOES Xray: http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/sxi/goes15/i…

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Paper to Use

Cancer drugs should kill tumors, not encourage their spread. But new evidence suggests that an otherwise promising class of drugs may actually increase the risk of tumors spreading to bone, according to researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

The drugs, IAP antagonists, block survival signals that many cancer cells rely on to stay alive. Working in mice, the investigators found that targeting the same protein that makes tumors vulnerable to death also overactivates cells called osteoclasts, which are responsible for tearing down bone.

“These investigational drugs are getting broad attention right now because they seem to be very effective against primary tumors,” says senior author Deborah V. Novack, MD, PhD, associate professor of medicine. “There is also excitement because until now, these drugs have not appeared to have major side effects.”

The research appears in the February issue of Cancer Discovery.

In light of the study…

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Family Survival Protocol - Microcosm News

‘They get one hour for breaks, chat for three hours and work for three!’ US tycoon tells French government why he WON’T be rescuing ‘lazy, workers who talk too much’ at doomed tire factory

By Tom Leonard In New York

Mail Online

PUBLISHED: 07:34 EST, 20 February 2013 | UPDATED: 19:13 EST, 20 February 2013

Tire tycoon Maurice Taylor has disparaged workers at a French factory‘The Grizz’: Tire tycoon Maurice Taylor said French workers were ‘lazy’ and ‘overpaid’

An American industrialist has provoked fury in France after attacking the workforce of a factory he was asked to take over.

Tyre and wheel magnate Maurice Taylor said he would be ‘stupid’ to take on staff at the ailing Goodyear plant in Amiens because they stood around chatting and worked only three hours a day.

Mr Taylor, who stood as a Republican presidential candidate in 1996, has a track record of turning around failing businesses around the world.

He was approached…

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Bring Your Own Doc : TheTruth About Your Food with FOOD, INC. Filmmak (Choose your Poison! oh wait, choice made by “price” here)


Oscar-nominated director, Robert Kenner joins us to talk about the film and food industries and his film’s runaway success.
Showcasing clips from the movie, we go into the inspiration behind the production, as well as the process of shooting and how the film’s success has spring-boarded Robert into a new realm of being an activist.

Robert Kenner’s Food, Inc., is one of the top grossing theatrical documentaries of all time, selling nearly 500,000 DVDs. Food Inc. received widespread critical acclaim, including an Academy Award nomination, and has influenced current food policy decisions. An esteemed collaborator with PBS American Experience, he received a Peabody and an Emmy for Two Days in October, in addition to directing The Road To Memphis for the Martin Scorsese series, The Blues. 

Mr. Kenner continues to work in film and social media action to transform the food system.


00:01 BYOD Introduction.
00:23 Food, Inc., Clip: “The Dollar Menu.”
02:46 Subsidizing food that makes us sick, and how cheap food is expensive.
04:49 Food, Inc., Clip: Medication bills and Diabetes.
06:35 Robert’s choices for shooting the family.
08:25 The effects of the film on the family and their community.
09:53 Finding the story as a filmmaker.
11:31 Concerns over taking on the food industry and being sued.
14:31 The national school lunch program–accepting all grades of “food.”
15:01 Describing “pink slime,” and the new chemical based food system.
18:15 Food, Inc., Clip: Barbara Kowalcyk.
23:13 Robert gives more information on the case of the Kowalcyks and food-born illness.
25:31 Keeping the film entertaining while exposing the lie.
27:19 Deciding which areas of the food industry to feature.
27:55 Food, Inc., Clip: Chicken farming.
31:16 Paying the cost for talking to Food, Inc, and a whole other species of chicken.
33:27 Upgrading farms into factory standards.
34:35 FixFood and going from filmmaker to activist.
38:19 Ten films inside one issue and being free from knowledge.
40:45 Fewer farmers than ever and the subsidized market.
43:11 Food, Inc., Clip: Farmer Joel and the debate for centralized oversight.
47:06 The new film industry about the food industry.
47:44 How did the film find an audience, DVD sales and support from Oprah.
50:26 The Daily Dig Down.
55:22 Parting words from Robert.


Quotation: Virginia Woolf on Women

Women have served all these centuries as looking-glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size.

Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: TONY WILSON (1950)

Tony Wilson (1950)

Beginning in the late 1970s, the English city of Manchester became the epicenter of a vibrant music scene that produced such seminal bands as Joy Division, Happy Mondays, and the Stone Roses. One of the key people behind the Manchester scene was Wilson, a record label owner, club manager, and journalist. The 2002 film 24 Hour Party People is based on his life. Despite his widespread influence, he made little money from his work and was unable to pay for what expensive medical treatment? More… Discuss

Little Light Of Love -Le Cinquième Element-

The Best of Enya – Paint the Sky With Stars

The Best of Enya – Paint the Sky With Stars

Enya, The Best of Enya – Paint the Sky With Stars, 1997
Warner Bros.


1. 00:00 – Orinoco Flow 
2. 03:46 – Caribbean Blue 
3. 07:45 – Book Of Days 
4. 10:40 – Anywhere Is 
5. 14:40 – Only If… 
6. 18:00 – The Celts 
7. 20:57 – China Roses 
8. 25:37 – Shepherd Moons 
9. 29:22 – Ebudae 
10. 31:18 – Storms In Africa 
11. 35:23 – Watermark 
12. 37:48 – Paint the Sky with Stars 
13. 42:04 – Marble Halls 
14. 45:59 – On My Way Home 
15. 51:08 – The Memory Of Trees 
16. 55:28 – Boadicea 


Eric Serra – Le Grand Bleu – Soundtrack

Eric Serra – Drumskate (“Subway”)

Leon – The Professional (1994): “Tony the IBM” by Eric Serra

Source: http://www.facebook.com/m.soundtracks
Soundtrack: “Tony the IBM
Composed by Eric Serra
Director: Luc Besson
Writer: Luc Besson
Stars: Jean Reno, Gary Oldman and Natalie Portman 
Awards: 2 wins & 8 nominations
Genres: Crime | Drama | Thriller 
Country: France

this Day in the Yesteryear: THE STATION NIGHTCLUB FIRE (2003)

The Station Nightclub Fire (2003)

Moments after the band Great White took the stage at the Station nightclub in Rhode Island, sparks from one of the group’s pyrotechnic devices—of which the nightclub was unaware—ignited the highly flammable sound insulation around the stage. The nightclub, which had no sprinklers, was engulfed in minutes, trapping many inside. One hundred people were killed, making it one of the deadliest nightclub fires in US history. How many people faced criminal charges in the aftermath of the tragedy? More…Discuss


Security Company Says Chinese Military Behind Hacking

A US computer security company is alleging that a Chinese military unit—Unit 61398—is one of the world’s “most prolific cyber espionage groups” and is responsible for stealing hundreds of terabytes of data from at least 141 organizations around the globe. In a 74-page report, Mandiant details its findings regarding a group it has dubbed APT1, or Advanced Persistent Threat 1, which has engaged in a sweeping campaign of cyber espionage since at least 2006. The company claims that it has traced APT1’s activities to a building in Chinaoccupied by Unit 61398 of the People’s Liberation Army. China denies the accusations.More… Discuss