World’s Longest Prime Number Found

It took 1,000 computers 39 days to come up with the longest prime number yet known. It has 17,425,170 digits and is calculated by multiplying 2 by itself 57,885,161 times and then subtracting 1.Curtis Cooper, a computer science professor at the University of Central Missouri who collaborated on the discovery of two earlierrecord prime numbers, is credited with the latest find. He is so passionate about prime numbers that he already has the university’s computers crunching numbers in search of an even higher one, a task that could take between five and seven years. More…Discuss


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    My youngest son had a discussion with me a few nights ago about this very subject …. Back in the olden days when computer circuits had resistors, a gifted friend (from H.S. days) made a wonderful necklace (we used the resitors as beads) with a pattern she challenged everyone to identify. No one did. She finally revealed that her design was based on prime numbers.


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