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Whant to go for a ride? How To Clean Your Bike Like A Pro

Cleaning your bike chain, gears and other moving parts is an essential part of bike maintenance. 
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With the help of the Orica GreenEDGE pro cycling team and Neal Rogers of http://velonews.com we look at why you need to get rid of the muck on your bike post-ride, then how to go about making sure your bike is properly cleaned. Pro tips include using a paint brush to make sure you get degreaser into all the nooks and crannies in your drivetrain and drying your bike after washing it.

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Deer Attacks Cyclist (How do they know when to cross the road?)

Jeffro gets served by a Deer during the 2013 Monster Cross and Mountain Bike Presented by GROUNDFORCE

And the deer thinks: “To cross or not to cross: That is the question!”

the embrace (poetic thought by George-B) —-Now on Soundcloud!—-

Embrace (poetic thought by George-B)

“We never let go from our embrace –
I did not want to be the one, 
the one to break the bliss.
So on we kept and even now
we’re still engaged in the first hug…”

The dream of youth,
the dream of love,
that life has built inside us
to cherish rather than to mourn
that we have missed,
today and days to come.

Close your yese, than imagine YOU being in the crossfires of Collateral Damage: Now, How do you feel?

Hidden Agendas


Published on 28 Feb 2013

Greetings citizens of the world,

We were warned in the past about the military-industrial complex, the issues we face are not new ones. It’s important to learn from the past, otherwise the past is doomed to repeat itself in the future. We are on the verge of going down a dark and scary road…

Over the past several years, military “urban warfare drills” have been increasing in frequency and intensity. The department of homeland security has purchased over two billion round of ammunition, military vehicles are being outfitted with woodland (or forest) camouflage, the NDAA is in affect so any American could be arrested by the military legally on U.S. soil. They are preparing for a civil war…

It’s vitally important we don’t fall into their trap, if they want war, we must ensure they never get one. Peace is the only…

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One’s lost cause today, will become many others’lost causes Tomorrow!

A Good Man Goes to War

A Good Man Goes to War” is the seventh episode of the sixth series of the British science fiction television seriesDoctor Who, and was first broadcast on BBC One on 4 June 2011 and served as a mid-series finale. The episode was written by Steven Moffat and directed by Peter Hoar.  (Read More Here)

“Demons run when a good man goes to war
Night will fall and drown the sun
When a good man goes to war

Friendship dies and true love lies
Night will fall and the dark will rise
When a good man goes to war

Demons run, but count the cost
The battle’s won, but the child is lost”

DOCTOR WHO Coming Soon Teaser 2013 – BBC America

“Running away with a Spaceman in a box, anything could happen to you…”
“That’s what I’m counting on.”

“I’m the Doctor. I’m an alien from outer space. I’m a thousand years old, I’ve got two hearts, and I can’t fly a plane!”

“Right then, Clara Oswald. Time to find out who you are…!”



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Ban Fracking in California – Press Conference Highlights

Highlights from the May 15, 2012 press conference in front of the Inglewood Oil Field in the Baldwin Hills of Los Angeles CA. The conference was called to kick off the BAN FRACKING campaign in California with Food & Water Watch, Citizens Coalition for a Safe Community, Grassroots Coalition and other organizations and activists from the Los Angeles area. Josh Fox, whose Academy Award nominated documentary, Gasland, has brought nationwide attention to the dangerous practice of fracking, was the featured speaker. Go to http://www.gaslandthemovie.com/ for more on Gasland.

Other Speakers Included: Kristin Lynch – Food & Water Watch, Dan JacobsonEnvironment California, Paul Ferrazzi – CCSC & Resident of Culver City and Gary Gless – CCSC & Resident of Windsor Hills

For more information and action/petition links for the Los Angeles and to the Food and Water Watch petition, go to: http://www.ccfasc.org

Quotation: Gilbert Chesterton on “Applied” Philosophy

A new philosophy generally means in practice the praise of some old vice.

Gilbert Chesterton (1874-1936) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: MICHEL DE MONTAIGNE (1533)

Michel de Montaigne (1533)

On his 38th birthday, Montaigne retreated to his library in a tower of his family’s French château, and there he spent most of the next decade thinking, reading, and writing. The result wasEssais, or Attempts, a series of short prose reflections on many subjects that form one of the most captivating and intimate self-portraits ever written. Montaigne’s Essais established the essay as a literary form. What personal tragedy may have prompted Montaigne to begin writing? More… Discuss


THis Day in the Yesteryear: NATO’S FIRST MILITARY ACTION (1994)

NATO’s First Military Action (1994)

Founded in 1949 by the US, Canada, and 10 European countries as a security pact against the Soviet bloc, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization did not actually perform any military operations for its first 45 years in existence. With the fall of the Soviet Union, however, its focus shifted to regional peacekeeping—and thus, in 1994, NATO forces took action in the Bosnian War. After the September 11 attacks, NATO invoked Article 5 of its charter for the first time in history. What is Article 5? More…Discuss

BULLYING HAS LONG-LASTING PSYCHOLOGICAL REPERCUSSIONS: DO something about it -punish the bully for a change!

Bullying Has Long-Lasting Psychological Repercussions

It is well known that the psychological effects of bullying can persist for years, but just how long may surprise you. A recent study found that people who experienced bullying between the ages of nine and 16 were at higher risk for a range of psychiatric conditions, including depressionanxiety, and panic disorder, well into their 20s. Most affected were bully-victims, persons who had been victimized by bullies and who had themselves bullied others. Researchers say these long-term consequences highlight the serious nature of bullying and the importance of finding ways to prevent it. More...Discuss

Oil Well Leaking Methane Gas Causes “Ross Dress for Less” Explosion

March 24, 1985 Ross Dress for Less Explosion
Methane Gas Explosion from leaking abandoned oil well
Fairfax District Los Angeles, CA