European Union anti-Romanian, anti-Bulgarian xenophobia

Ubi patria, ubi bene!

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This video from Ireland says about itself:

Belfast: Romanians Flee Homes After Racist Attacks

More than 100 Romanians, including a five-day-old baby, have been forced from their homes in Belfast by racist attacks.

Sky’s Mark White reports.

By Julie Hyland in Britain:

Europe’s rulers whip up anti-immigrant chauvinism

18 March 2013

Membership of the European Union is supposed to confer on a country’s citizens the right to free movement and freedom from discrimination on the grounds of nationality.

The populations of Bulgaria and Romania have been targeted by the major European powers for the removal of these rights.

The EU has agreed to postpone a decision on Bulgarian and Romanian membership of the visa-free Schengen zone. Both countries are members of the EU and, according to the European Commission, have fulfilled their obligations under the treaty. After two years of postponement, their citizens were finally to be eligible to…

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2 responses to “European Union anti-Romanian, anti-Bulgarian xenophobia

  1. This a dreadful story, but it only tells part of it.. in the UK wherever Rumanians have settled crime has gone up by a thousand per cent., crime rings using children for prostitution and thieving are being uncovered, and since there is high unemployment already in UK, the immigrants have had to move in on welfare payments, free housing etc, including taking charity jobs devised for the British unemployed .and this is only a tiny part of the very worrying story…
    Since a Spanish unemployed labourer .appealed to the European Human Rights, Britain has had to pay child support for his family in Spain, and then of course child support to families all over Europe,.Poland being the biggest benefactor… how long can the country continue to maintain families all over the EU, as well as paying the huge subsidies, while their own health services, education, hospitals etc are suffering from lack of funds?
    Unfortunately to even voice these anxieties is too often condemned as racist.


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