Iraq war based on lies

Especially these despicable individuals lies!

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This video from the USA about the Iraq war is called WMD LIES – Bush Cheney Rumsfeld – THE ULTIMATE CLIP.

By Will Stone in Britain:

Iraq: Decade of war ‘based on lies

Monday 18 March 2013

Vital intelligence used to justify the invasion of Iraq 10 years ago was based on “fabrication” and “wishful thinking,” a new documentary broadcast tonight claims.

A BBC Panorama documentary broadcast to mark the 10th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war suggests British and US security services relied on several pieces of questionable information.

The programme goes on to reveal that at the same time they dismissed other information that was contradictory.

Lasting over six years the Iraq war claimed the lives of 179 British personnel, up to a million Iraqis and cost more than £9 billion.

Britain ended combat operations in 2009 but a decade on

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2 responses to “Iraq war based on lies

  1. It really did not matter to me if there we lies and fabrications and there were no weapons of mass destruction. Sadaam maintained “rape rooms” . Do you hear me? That alone is justification, no much more – an obligation to destroy such evil


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