Broken Connections And The Web Of Life

The more we move away from our collective origin, the more we move away from our inherited humanity: We cannot let that happen: Stop where you are, think, trace back your steps, and reconnect with your nature, before we all end up in the grinder of artificiality, faux science and really…Materialism…

Work The Dream

I believe that there is an eternal connection that all living things have in this world and that we have with mother nature.  All living things have a connection because we are alive and we depend on each other for different things. But, I believe there is an even deeper connection…a spiritual connection that joins us in a special way. We can not live without water or oxygen or food and plants and animals need the same type of things. But, we also can not live without that connection on the spirit level.

The old ones predicted what is happening in our world today and all the changes. We have lost our connection to the earth. We come from the earth and yet now we abuse and mistreat the earth and the animals there. And many mistreat the people here. The connection is broken and people do not see the…

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2 responses to “Broken Connections And The Web Of Life

  1. Wonderful, thank you,,, his prophesies ring very true…and are part of the cycle of death and renewal and evolution… nothing is static


    • Thanks Valerie, it is true indeed, to follow our lineage, instead of breaking loose for, is the only logical step. Not every generation has the luxury to start all over again: The all over again are finite and it seems that with each new all over again we mess up over so much more, because we fail to stop, and think, and think again, before we move into an yet unknown scenario, with no reference to guide our steps.


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