Biserica Domneasca din Busteni, Prahova 1981(My Photo Collection)

Biserica Ortodoxa din Busteni, Prahova 1981

Biserica Ortodoxa din Busteni, Prahova 1981 (My Photo Collection)


Princely Church of Logs, the foundation was built by King Carol I and Queen Elizabeth, being completed and consecrated on September 8, 1889 at Nativity of Our Lady, who is also patron of the church, “in the presence of Her Majesty and Highness King His Royal Prince Ferdinand, the High Clergy and Ministers. 
Holy Church building plan was drawn up by architect IM Socolescu typical architecture with almost all Orthodox churches in the form of a cross, the main raw material used is stone were coming from massive Caraiman.Lucrarile executed by Italian craftsmen led by Piero antrepenorului Dreossi. 
was executed original painting by Danish artist Agnes Exner home. Unfortunately, it was damaged and was completely removed in 1934 was repainted in oil by renowned painter George Belisarius church. 
Elementetele which distinguishes Royal Church are: 
– iconostasis of carved and gilded wood, commissioned and worked in Vienna considered at that time the most beautiful in the country. 
– Icons of the 12 Apostles Saints located on the veil and signed by artist M. Tattarescu Gh. 
– dome vault of the nave, as well as the four corners of the Holy Church structure elements are made ​​of stained glass, this feature is unique in Romania. 
– votive paintings in the narthex of the church founders representing faces: on the right, King Carol I, Romanian Army commander held with hat in his right hand and your left hand on the handle of the sword, and left, Queen Elizabeth, wearing a gorgeous national costume with a royal diadem on his head. (paintings by painter Eyk) 
– furniture inside look very different and who enjoy superlative accolades from specialists. 
– the two thrones royal coat of arms, the two thrones Prince Bishop arm-chair, pews and all ornaments made ​​of solid oak and gilded. 
Princely Church of logs is a tourist attraction and religious value worth seeing. Dates Parish:Parish Virgin Birth, Virgil George Gregory Priest, priest Aurel Dan Daniel, Tel. 0722 613543, 0732 507223, email: 


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  1. Interesting. Thank you! I remember reading about King Carol before …

    So do you celebrate Easter in May as well … Orthodox?


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