Indeed as a person…GOP HAs DNA….Now all we have to do is artiifcially alter that DNA, to result into a populous friendly DNA!

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Part of the DNA of the GOP is the belief that only the GOP are fit to govern and stealing elections is permissible to achieve that end. In fact, the GOP will do anything to achieve their goal. In their view the ends do justify any means.

The GOP began stealing elections way back in 1876 in the disputed Tilden-Hayes contest for president. Hayes was declared the victor under a set of very dubious circumstances. The GOP continued to dominate national elections for 52 years from 1860 to 1912 with the single exception of the two split Cleveland terms. Cleveland managed to win his first term because the GOP were split, and the Democrats did not win the White House again until Wilson won in 1912 because of another GOP split.

Another facet of the GOP DNA is that they hate/hated any Democratic President who defeated them.
They hate/hated Wilson.

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